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My Zaxby’s Feedback is a quick Zaxby’s Survey online or via QR code to get a chance to win free food coupons, catering, and gift cards in monthly sweepstakes drawings.

When ordering up those beloved chicken fingers and wings from Zaxby’s, there’s now an enticing new menu item to consider trying: the Zaxby’s Customer Survey. Sharing your candid feedback through this quick online questionnaire not only shapes improvements at your local Zaxby’s – but could land you a reward for participating too!

What is the Zaxby’s Survey?

Part of the Restaurant Feedback Group, the survey allows Zaxby’s loyalists to provide details around recent visit experiences. Customers rate aspects like speed, cleanliness, order accuracy and team service. There’s space to spotlight standout employees or suggest enhancements that could elevate your guest experience even more. The most crucial part? The feedback goes straight to Zaxby’s management across its network of 900 locations, informing changes big and small.

Why Take the Zaxby’s Survey?

Yes, the promise of scoring free food motivates participation (more below!). But sharing your perspective yields other key benefits:

  • Your Voice is Heard: The survey assures your input on strengthening a favorite brand directly reaches decision makers.
  • You Shape Your Experience: Zaxby’s consistently fine-tunes to better satisfy you, their valued guest. The survey is your channel to steer them.
  • You Inform Community Relations: Local Zaxby’s ownership has a stake in location perceptions, so your praise or critique informs neighborhood ties.
  • You Shift Employee Culture: Positive commentary empowers staff just as constructive feedback prods management to bolster training.
  • You Fuel a Virtuous Cycle: Your loyalty drives Zaxby’s growth; your subsequent survey feedback then makes their operations even stronger.
  • Survey Incentives: Free Food & Chance to Win

For participation in this 10-15 minute digital questionnaire, the Zaxby’s Customer Survey site offers:

  1. Individual Store Coupon Code providing one free Signature Sandwich (up to $3.79 value) just for completing the user survey.
  2. Monthly Site Sweepstakes with chance to win Free Catering for a Year or a $1500 Zaxby’s Gift Card if opting into contest entry.

How to Take the Zaxby’s Survey?

Taking part is simple. Either:

  • Scan the QR code on or inside your receipt to pull up the survey on your phone or tablet


  • Manually visit then enter the Store ID Number, Time/Date Number and Transaction Number printed near the top of your receipt.

You’ll answer a series of multiple choice and open comment questions around three key drivers of guest satisfaction:

  1. Speed of Service – Were you swiftly greeted? Did food arrive fast? Etc.
  2. Team Service – Did staff make you feel welcomed? Were they attentive throughout?
  3. Accuracy/Quality – Was your order complete/correct? Were items fresh and appetizing?

Miscellaneous questions cover other factors like cleanliness, likelihood to recommend and intent to revisit. Overall rating using a 5-star scale caps it off.

The site confirms submission is anonymous, though you can opt to provide contact info for the incentives. Feedback is aggregated with other customer inputs to identify improvement areas by location.

So next Zaxby’s run, before devouring those wings, take just a quick minute more to speak your piece through their Customer Survey. Harness the power of your voice – and appetizing perks – all while helping your hometown hangout offer even more finger-lickin’ service for the community. They’re listening…and you’ll be glad you spoke up!


Customer input directly fuels business growth, especially in the fast-growing restaurant realm. The Zaxby’s Survey offers a golden chance to provide constructive thoughts while scoring free grub in return. A rewarding exchange benefiting both the survey taker through incentives and Zaxby’s itself through valuable customer intelligence. So speak up through their digital questionnaire for a dining experience with an even more finger-lickin’ kick next visit. Your voice holds power – tasty rewards await.


What is the Zaxby’s Customer Survey?

An online questionnaire collecting customer feedback around speed, service quality, order accuracy etc. at Zaxby’s to inform operational improvements.

Why take the Zaxby’s Survey?

It lets you directly shape your guest experience at Zaxby’s, score free food coupons just for participating, and enter to win catering/gift cards through site sweepstakes.

How do you access and complete the Survey?

Either scan the QR code on your Zaxby’s receipt or visit and input receipt details to pull up the digital survey. Takes 10-15 mins.

What incentives are offered for participating?

  • Individual Store Coupon for 1 free Signature Sandwich
  • Sweepstakes entry for Free Catering Yearly or $1500 Zaxby’s gift card drawings

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