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Spencer’s Survey for a Chance to Win $500 Shopping Spree

For anyone who has stepped into one of its uniquely crafted stores, the Spencer’s brand needs no introduction. Since 1947, Spencer’s has been the destination for edgy pop culture merchandise, adult gag gifts, and everything that flies in the face of boring. Behind the colorful, eye-catching exterior though lies a company very interested in better understanding its diverse and vibrant customer base. The “Spencer’s survey” serves as a key touchpoint providing customer insights directly to corporate. And for your participation, you could win big with a $500 Spencer’s gift card prize.

Read below for all the details on how to access the Spencer’s survey, what kind of feedback is requested, sweepstakes entry rules, how to maximize your savings, and more. Become both a loyal customer and influential brand advisor through this short experience survey opportunity.

Accessing the Spencer’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Getting started with the online Spencer’s survey only takes a moment:

  1. Make Any Purchase – First complete a transaction at any Spencer’s store location across the U.S. Save your printed sales receipt.
  2. Visit GuestSurvey.com -Within 14 days of your Spencer’s purchase, head to the Spencer’s survey portal atGuestSurvey.com. This is the exclusive survey website.
  3. Enter Credentials – You will be asked to provide two pieces of info printed on your Spencer’s receipt to confirm eligibility. This includes the store number and unique transaction number.

Once your recent purchase is verified via receipt details, you can proceed through the full Spencer’s survey questionnaire. All responses are confidential and only used in aggregate to enhance the customer experience.

Spencer’s Survey Questions & Feedback Themes

Throughout the 10-15 minute Spencer’s survey, you will be asked a range of multiple choice and open-ended questions regarding your store experiences. Some of the major themes and topics include:

  • Overall Satisfaction – Questions on likelihood to return or recommend as well overall experience quality.
  • Customer Service Feedback – Ratings on courtesy, product knowledge, and helpfulness of staff.
  • Store Atmosphere Comments – Feedback on store organization, cleanliness, music, branding, ease of shopping, and visual merchandising.
  • Product Assortment Thoughts – Ideas on selection, availability, or suggestions in key categories like adult humor, licensed goods, pride, and lifestyle accessories.
  • Final Suggestions – Open box for any additional feedback not covered in previous questions.

Spencer’s greatly values all customer viewpoints so that the funky, daring brand consumers love can be preserved. Make sure to provide honest, thoughtful ratings and responses to each survey section.

Sweepstakes Entry and Gift Card Prize Details

Along with using feedback to shape better store experiences, the Spencer’s survey also gives entrants the chance to win a $500 Spencer’s shopping spree in the form of gift cards. Here are the key details:

  • Entry Requirements – Must be an eligible customer who completed a valid transaction and survey as outlined above within last 14 days. U.S. residents 18+ only.
  • Monthly Drawings – 15 gift card winners randomly selected on 5th day of each month from previous month’s survey entries.
  • Notification Method – Winners contacted within 5-7 business days via email or phone on file in Spencer’s Plus Member Program.
  • Prize Distribution – $500 gift card will be sent to provided address electronically or physically within 7-10 days of winner confirmation.

Be sure to honestly complete the survey in full to be included in each month’s Spencer’s sweepstakes. Good luck scoring some free Spencer’s swag!

Get Additional Spencer’s Savings

Beyond sweepstakes entry, a few other tips for maximizing savings at Spencer’s include:

  • Loyalty Program – Get rewards points, special coupons, and insider access by joining the free Spencer’s Plus Member Program online or in stores.
  • Subscription Emails – Sign up to receive regular promo emails offering Spencer’s discounts and exclusive deals subscriber-only deals.
  • Clearance Section – Check out discounted merchandise available for up to 75% off original prices. Items include holiday goods, accessories, novelties and more.
  • Seasonal Sales – Look for rotating limited-time sales around peak seasons like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Pride Month and back-to-school.
  • Redeeming Rewards – Use earned loyalty points and provide phone number at checkout for easiest savings. Sign up with Spencer’s everywhere you pay to enable earning + savings.

With various promotions always happening both digitally and at your local Spencer’s, you can enjoy big bargains on all your counterculture favorites. Let feedback shared through the Spencer’s survey help shape an even better, more badass retail adventure for all.


With its finger on the pulse of pop culture and self-expression, Spencer’s thrives thanks to the passion of fans. The Spencer’s customer satisfaction survey allows devoted customers to directly shape better shopping experiences while also gaining the chance at $500 in free products. By participating after any store purchase, you become an valued advisor that helps this daring brand continue embracing all unique lifestyles.


When will I know if I won the Spencer’s gift card prize?

Winners are randomly selected and contacted within the first 5-7 business days of each new month. Confirm your Spencer’s Plus member contact info is current.

Can I take the Spencer’s survey on multiple receipts?

Yes, you can complete the survey after every distinct Spencer’s purchase, but may only enter the sweepstakes once monthly.

Do I need to make a purchase to win the gift card?

Yes, you must have a valid receipt showing a transaction within 14 days to qualify for monthly sweepstakes entry along with the survey.

What happens to my survey feedback?

All responses are compiled anonymously in aggregate reports used internally at Spencer’s corporate offices to enhance stores and offerings.

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