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Papa Murphy’s is America’s leading take-n-bake pizza franchise famous for freshly made pizzas that customers bake at home. After 30+ years in business with over 1,500 U.S. locations, they greatly value customer feedback for enhancing quality and service. That’s why every Papa Murphy’s receipt contains an invitation to take the PapaSurvey online. Read on for why you should participate, available rewards, how the survey works, and key info to know before taking the Papa Murphy’s questionnaire!

What is the PapaSurvey?

The PapaSurvey is the official guest satisfaction survey platform used by Papa Murphy’s to enable candid customer feedback on store experiences.

You can participate by visiting from a smartphone, tablet or computer and entering your 19-digit survey code printed on any Papa Murphy’s receipt.

The brief 10 minute PapaSurvey covers satisfaction with:

  • Accuracy of pizza orders
  • Quality & freshness
  • Value for price paid
  • Team friendliness
  • Speed of fulfillment
  • Likelihood to recommend

Sharing your Papa Murphy’s user feedback through the PapaSurvey helps improve your neighborhood locations. And taking part earns you the chance for nice rewards too!

Why Should I Take the PapaSurvey?

Along with enabling Papa Murphy’s to maintain top notch service and high quality pizzas based on patron feedback, taking just a few minutes on the PapaSurvey also offers perks like:

  • Coupons for $2 off next order
  • Buy one take-n-bake pizza, get one free
  • Sweepstakes entry to win free Papa Murphy’s for 6 months

With yummy free pizzas or hefty discounts on your next scratch-made meal for the family as potential rewards, participating in the short PapaSurvey online is certainly worthwhile.

How Does the Papa Murphy’s Survey Work?

PapaSurvey begins by asking you to rate overall satisfaction with your most recent Papa Murphy’s experience. You’ll also share how likely you are to recommend them.

Next you’ll evaluate and score crucial aspects that include:

  • Employee courtesy
  • Accuracy of orders
  • Taste of items received
  • Cleanliness

There is also space for entering any additional comments or details on your visit before wrapping up.

The streamlined 10-15 minutes PapaSurvey process makes it simple and efficient for loyal patrons to provide useful opinions that Papa Murphy’s takes to heart. Be sure to take them up on it next time you stop in for a custom Atomic 7 pizza or scrumptious dessert!

How to Take the PapaSurvey?

The step-by-step instructions for easily participating in the Papa Murphy’s customer satisfaction questionnaire include:

  • Keep Your Receipt: With every fresh take-n-bake pizza or food order from Papa Murphy’s, save that printed receipt! This contains your personalized survey invite.
  • Visit Carefully enter the survey URL into your browser address bar on your chosen internet-connected device.


  • Enter Info from Receipt: Input your 19 digit survey code from your receipt when prompted along with requested visit details like date and time.
  • Complete Survey: Provide your ratings and candid feedback on various aspects of satisfaction with your Papa Murphy’s experience.
  • Check for your Reward: After finishing the 10-15 minute PapaSurvey online, you will instantly know if you’ve earned any coupon or discount to redeem on a future purchase.

Giving useful input at truly helps Papa Murphy’s enhance the customer journey. And with potential free food or money off vouchers awarded just for participating, it only makes good sense to become a regular!

Key Papa Murphy’s Survey Tips

Before entering your 19 digit survey code from your latest Papa Murphy’s visit to complete the brief questionnaire online, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Each survey invite code printed on receipts can only be entered once and expires after 30 days if unused.
  • You must accurately provide requested visit details like date, time and store number when starting the survey for validation purposes.
  • Any coupon rewards you earn from taking PapaSurvey can typically be redeemed for 2 weeks after completion.
  • Note that buy one get one free offers earned via the questionnaire apply only to pizzas, not full meals or other items.

Papa Murphy’s thrives on baking your family piping hot, perfectly sauced pizzas chockfull of your favorite meats, veggies and cheeses to enjoy right from your home oven. Being able to continually enhance quality and convenience relies on useful customer perspectives provided via the PapaSurvey. Make sure to participate regularly for deals on your next scrumptious pie!

Rules for Papa Murphy’s Customer Survey

  • Make a Purchase:
    • Buy something from Papa Murphy’s.
  • Survey Timing:
    • Take the survey within 3 days of getting your receipt.
  • Eligibility for Coupons:
    • Fill out the survey online to qualify for coupons.
  • Redemption Process:
    • Bring your receipt and validation code to redeem your rewards.
  • Unlimited Entries:
    • You can enter the survey online as many times as you want.
  • Prize Guidelines:
    • Avoid transferring or substituting prizes.
  • Employee Exclusion:
    • You cannot participate if you’re an employee of the company.

Requirements for Papa Murphy’s Customer Survey

  • Recent Receipt:
    • You need a receipt from your recent visit to Papa Murphy’s.
  • Computer and Internet Access:
    • Use a computer with internet access to take the survey.
  • Language Understanding:
    • You should be able to understand basic English or Spanish.

How to Get Coupons on ?

  • Visit Official Survey Site:
    • Go to the official survey site at to join.
  • Enter Store Number and Visit Date:
    • Use the 5 or 6-digit store number and the date of your visit from your receipt.
  • Start the Survey:
    • Click on “START” to begin the survey.
  • Answer Survey Questions:
    • Answer the questions that show up on your screen.
  • Rate Your Satisfaction:
    • Share how satisfied you are with your recent visit to Papa Murphy’s.
  • Rate Service, Staff, Cleanliness, Environment, etc.:
    • Give your opinions on the service, staff, cleanliness, environment, and more.
  • Answer Honestly:
    • Be honest and provide the best possible answers to all the questions.
  • Provide Email Address:
    • In the last step, give your email address.
  • Submit Feedback:
    • Submit your feedback on the survey site to receive the coupon code.


Papa Murphy’s values patron opinions for improving service and products. Take a few minutes after your next pizza order to complete the PapaSurvey online using your receipt for offers like BOGO free pizzas, discounts off future purchases, or sweepstakes entries.


How long do survey codes for PapaSurvey remain valid?

Papa Murphy’s survey codes printed on receipts must be entered at within 30 days before expiring.

What details do I need to enter from my receipt to start the PapaSurvey?

You will need to provide your 19-digit survey code, the date and time of purchase, and store number to begin the Papa Murphy’s survey.

Can I take the PapaSurvey questionnaire more than once?

Yes, you can complete PapaSurvey after every separate qualified transaction at Papa Murphy’s by entering the survey code from each unique receipt.

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