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Nyoi Survey to Win $100 Cash Reward!

Nyoi survey: Nyoi is a new financial services startup company that offers banking, investing, debit cards, and more. The company prides itself on providing customers with “banking that cares” through personalized offerings, socially responsible business practices, and excellent 24/7 support. As Nyoi continues expanding its products and customer base, it is very interested in gathering feedback to improve services. The Nyoi survey is one of the key ways the company does this while also rewarding customers for their time.

Any Nyoi customer who has made a qualifying transaction can take the survey for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card**. With customized questions and open-ended comment boxes, the Nyoi survey allows you to share your honest thoughts on their products. Read on for complete details about the Nyoi customer satisfaction survey.

Who Is Eligible for the Nyoi Survey?

The monthly Nyoi survey and prize drawing is open to any existing U.S. customer aged 18 years or older who has conducted a transaction with Nyoi in the last 30 days. Both new and long-time customers can participate as long as you meet this requirement.

Potential transactions that qualify you for the Nyoi survey include:

  • Making a debit card purchase
  • Using your Nyoi debit card for an ATM withdrawal
  • Receiving an ACH direct deposit
  • Paying a bill through the Nyoi Bill Pay feature
  • Getting charged monthly service, inactivity, or other fees

As long as your Nyoi account shows one of these posted transactions dated within the last 30 days, you are eligible.

How to Take the Nyoi Customer Survey?

Taking the survey only takes 5-10 minutes and entering is very simple:

  1. Visit Survey.Nyoi.com – This is the official Nyoi survey website. For your security, do not attempt surveys on any other domain.
  2. Confirm Your Eligibility – You will first be asked to enter your Nyoi account number or the last four digits of your Nyoi debit card number. This verifies you are an existing U.S. customer who has conducted a recent transaction.
  3. Complete All Survey Questions – The Nyoi survey consists of multiple choice ratings and open-ended comment boxes where you can explain any answers in more detail. Questions cover overall satisfaction, specific product feedback, service quality assessments, likelihood to recommend ratings, and more. Answer honestly about all aspects of your Nyoi experiences.
  4. Double Check Your Entry – At the end of the survey, you will have a final chance to review and edit responses before submitting. Be sure all questions have been thoroughly answered.
  5. Provide Your Email – So that you can be contacted if you are one of the random $100 Visa gift card winners, enter your valid email address when prompted at the end of the Nyoi survey.
  6. Submit Survey & Wait for Winner Announcement – After the monthly deadline, 10 random qualifying customers who finished the Nyoi survey will be selected. Winners are notified via email within the first 5 days of the next month.

The Nyoi survey does not have any rewards besides entry into the prize drawing due to regulatory reasons. But by providing your valuable feedback, you are helping Nyoi to improve for all customers while also getting a high-value chance at $100 for yourself!

Survey Time Periods and Deadlines

The Nyoi survey, prize drawing, and entry timeframe works on a monthly schedule as follows:

  • Transaction Period: Have an eligible Nyoi account transaction between the 1st and last day of a calendar month
  • Survey Period: Complete the online survey anytime between the 15th of that month and 5th of the next month
  • Drawing Deadline: Surveys must be finished by 11:59 pm PT on the 5th in order to qualify for that month’s gift card drawing
  • Notification Period: Winners are notified via email between the 6th and 10th of each month

So for example:

  • Make a qualifying transaction anytime in March
  • Take the survey from March 15th to April 5th
  • Be entered into the April gift card drawing
  • Potentially receive a winner notice email between April 6th-10th

Following this schedule allows you to provide timely feedback on your latest Nyoi experiences while giving the company enough response collection and processing time before selecting and alerting prize winners.

Survey Content and Question Examples

The Nyoi survey asks a wide range of questions covering all aspects of your experiences as a customer. With multiple choice ratings and free-response comment boxes, you have the ability to explain ratings or share experiences that may not fit neatly into a rating scale.

Some examples of Nyoi survey questions include:

  • How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Nyoi products and services? (Scale of 1 highly dissatisfied to 10 highly satisfied)
  • How likely are you to recommend Nyoi to friends, family, or colleagues? (Scale of 1 not at all likely to 10 extremely likely)
  • Please rate your satisfaction with key Nyoi product features and services: (Scale of 1 highly dissatisfied to 5 highly satisfied)
    • Debit card and rewards program
    • Mobile banking app
    • Bill pay
    • Customer service
    • Account statements
  • What product or service offerings would you most like to see Nyoi add in the future? (open-ended)
  • Have you experienced any issues or problems as an Nyoi customer that you would like us to address? Please explain. (open-ended)

These are just a few examples of the thorough questions you will be asked about Nyoi on topics ranging from account openings to everyday banking to suggestions for improvements. All feedback through the survey is greatly appreciated and directly shapes future updates.

Why Your Participation in the Nyoi Survey Matters?

As a relatively new fintech company, Nyoi is relying directly on customer input like the survey to build out and refine products and services. The goal is to create socially responsible, ethical financial services tailored specifically to consumer needs.

But the company can only accomplish this mission if existing customers actively participate by:

  • Taking a few minutes each month to rate experiences and share suggestions
  • Spreading the word so more potential customers try Nyoi
  • Giving constructive criticism when something misses the mark

Your detailed survey responses help Nyoi leadership understand exactly what is resonating with consumers and what pain points still need to be addressed. This leads to better financial tools that benefit the entire customer community.

Plus, you have the added perk of being automatically entered into the $100 Visa gift card drawing just for providing your feedback. So do not miss your chance to impact future Nyoi products for the better while also getting the potential to take home some extra cash.

Start Benefitting Now and Into the Future

As Nyoi continues to grow, it needs dedicated customers alongside it every step of the way. That includes leveraging feedback shared through the Nyoi survey to create the best possible banking for today’s world.

Meet all transaction and timing requirements for survey eligibility, and take 10 minutes or less to complete detailed ratings and commentary. Whether you have kudos or criticisms for Nyoi, make your voice heard for the chance at $100 and for influence over upcoming products. Together, Nyoi and its community of customers can build financial services that care now and into the future.


The Nyoi survey and sweepstakes provides the ideal way to make your experiences heard while also getting the chance to win big. Ensure your transaction history makes you eligible, then take just a few minutes to complete informative product ratings and feedback. Not only will your input directly better the financial services you use, but you might also end up $100 richer.

As an invested customer, participate to shape Nyoi’s future so it can stay competitive as a caring, ethical banking choice.


What is the NYOI survey?

The NYOI survey is a questionnaire conducted annually by the National Youth Organization of India (NYOI). It surveys young people across India to gain insights into their views, attitudes, and experiences.

What is the NYOI?

NYOI stands for the National Youth Organization of India. It is a non-profit organization focused on Indian youth empowerment, leadership, civic engagement, and policymaking. The NYOI runs various programs and initiatives aimed at supporting India’s large youth population.

What does the word Nyoi mean?

NYOI is an acronym that stands for the full name – National Youth Organization of India. The word “nyoi” itself does not have a meaning on its own in any language. It is simply the acronym used to refer to this youth-focused organization based in India.

Does every Nyoi customer automatically get entered into the $100 drawing?

No, you must complete the latest monthly Nyoi survey by the 5th of each month to qualify for that month’s gift card sweepstakes. Recent transactions are also required.

Can I take the survey more than once per month?

No, each Nyoi customer can only participate once per monthly survey period. Submitting multiple surveys does not improve your drawing odds.

When do Nyoi survey winners get their gift cards?

If selected, you will receive an email between the 6th-10th of the next month. Physical or digital Visa gift cards are sent out upon confirming winner eligibility.

What types of feedback does Nyoi want in the survey?

All honest feedback – positive or constructive – helps Nyoi improve. Share ratings, suggestions, issues encountered, product ideas, or anything else relevant to your banking experiences.

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