Hardee’s Survey

Hardee’s Survey for Coupons and Sweepstakes Prizes!

Hardee’s is a popular fast food chain with locations mostly across the Southern and Midwestern United States. They are known for their charbroiled thickburgers, breakfast offerings, biscuits, and more. Hardee’s often runs promotions for things like free burgers or drink deals via their customer satisfaction survey. Taking a few minutes to give your feedback on the Hardee’s survey is a great way to both make your voice heard on your dining experiences and earn some tasty rewards.

Why Take the Hardee’s Customer Survey?

There are a few big perks available when you complete the Hardee’s survey online or via mail. By sharing your recent visit details, you can:

  • Earn a coupon code for a free Sausage Biscuit or other food item. Survey reward coupons can be redeemed on your very next visit.
  • Enter sweepstakes drawings for bigger prizes like free burger coupons for a year or a Hardee’s-branded PS4 gaming system.
  • Provide useful feedback to Hardee’s management about what you enjoyed or think could be improved regarding menu options, restaurant cleanliness, order accuracy, staff courtesy and speed, and more. Your opinion helps Hardee’s enhance offerings and service.

How to Take the Hardee’s Survey?

Taking the customer satisfaction survey only takes about 5-10 minutes from start to getting your validation code for a reward. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Save your receipt from your Hardee’s meal purchase. You’ll need the store number, date/time, transaction number, etc.
  2. Go to www.hardees.com/survey within 14 days of your visit. Select whether you dined in or went through the drive-thru.
  3. Answer all the multiple choice questions about your visit. Be honest! Feedback helps Hardee’s meet expectations.
    Enter the required info from your receipt when prompted to validate your entry.
  4. Get your survey reward code to use on your next trip and enter the sweepstakes if you wish.

Tips for Completing the Hardee’s Survey?

Taking the customer survey not only gives you the chance to win prizes, but having your voice heard helps the company provide better food and service. Here are some tips:

  • Have your receipt handy to answer the survey questions and enter validation info accurately. Jot down visit details too if that helps you remember.
  • Take the survey within 14 days while your memory of your Hardee’s trip is still fresh. This way you can give the most useful, candid feedback.
  • Answer accurately and honestly about all aspects of your visit – speed of service, order accuracy, staff friendliness, facility cleanliness, food taste/quality, pricing opinions, etc. Detail is good here!
  • Slow down and read each question carefully rather than rushing through. Provide discerning ratings and more meaningful commentary.
  • Once finished, redeem your offer code during your next Hardee’s visit. And don’t forget to enjoy those survey rewards like biscuits, hash rounds, or burgers!

Survey Reward Coupons and Sweepstakes Prizes

The validation code received when you complete Hardee’s online or mail-in survey unlocks a special offer for your next purchase. Typically this will be a totally free Sausage Biscuit, but promos vary. Other recent reward coupons have included:

  • Free Original or Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Free Small Fries or Hash Rounds
  • Free Regular Drink
  • Buy One, Get One Free Breakfast Item

Sweepstakes prize drawings also allow you to enter to win bigger rewards just for giving your feedback, like:

  • Hardee’s for a Year Sweepstakes (Free Combo Meals)
  • Hardee’s-Branded Gaming Consoles
  • Hardee’s Family Reunion Sweepstakes Trip
  • Hardee’s Tailgate Party Sweepstakes

So next time you grab a Thickburger or breakfast combo from Hardee’s, hold onto your receipt! Taking a few quick minutes to complete the survey can lead to awesome free food, sweepstakes perks, and having your voice make Hardee’s an even better dining destination.


Giving feedback is a rewarding experience with Hardee’s Survey. Within just a few minutes online or by mail, you can earn coupons for free tasty treats like biscuits, fries, or even burgers. Plus you get entered into prize drawings for big potential wins. Your candid survey responses also let management better understand customer needs and enhance service. So next Hardee’s trip, save that receipt and take the survey for fantastic coupons and sweepstakes opportunities in return for your opinions.


What do you get for taking the Hardee’s survey?

By taking just a few minutes to complete the Hardee’s customer satisfaction survey after dining, you can earn a validation code for great reward coupons. These typically include free food items like biscuits, fries, sandwiches, drinks or BOGO deals.

Can you take the Hardee’s survey more than once?

No, the survey requires a unique receipt and transaction details that can only be used once. However, you can take the survey after every separate Hardee’s visit as long as you have a valid receipt.

How long does it take to complete the Hardee’s survey?

The Hardee’s survey contains about 12-15 multiple choice questions about your visit and should only take 5-10 minutes to finish. Have your receipt handy to reference visit details.

What is the website for the Hardee’s survey?

You can take the survey online at www.hardees.com/survey. Make sure to do so within 14 days of your visit while it’s still fresh in your mind and to redeem your reward coupon.

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