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CVS Health Survey $1000 Gift Card Winning Guide!

Ever wondered how your experience at CVS Health shapes the future of the company? The answer lies in their customer satisfaction survey, a valuable tool that gathers your insights and translates them into meaningful improvements. Whether you’re a frequent shopper or a one-time visitor, your voice matters at CVS Health, and participating in the survey is a powerful way to make a difference.

CVS Health Survey Details

Survey Name: CVSHealthSurvey
Survey URL:
Administrator: CVS Pharmacy, Inc.
Sponsor Official Site:
Entry Mode: Online survey & Email method
Survey Reward: $1000 Gift Card
CVS Survey Is Open To: United States residents
Age Limit: Minimum 18
Entry Limit: One entry per receipt
Receipt Valid For: Seven (7) days
Survey Time: 3-5 minutes
Languages: English & Spanish

Why Your Feedback Matters at CVS Health Survey?

Imagine walking into a CVS store that perfectly caters to your needs. Shelves stocked with your favorite products, friendly staff ready to assist, and a seamless checkout process – that’s the vision CVS Health strives for, and your feedback is the key to unlocking it. By taking the survey, you’re not just sharing your opinion; you’re actively contributing to shaping the future of the shopping experience for yourself and countless others.

Taking the CVS Health Survey: A Step-by-Step Guide

Participating in the survey is easy and convenient. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Eligibility: Anyone who has made a recent purchase at CVS Health and is a resident of the United States (excluding CVS employees and their families) is eligible to participate.
  • Finding the Survey Code: Look for the 17-digit survey code printed on your purchase receipt. It’s typically located near the bottom or in the “receipt center” area.

official CVS survey ID

  • Accessing the Survey: Visit the official survey website at within seven days of your purchase.

official CVS survey website

  • Language Selection: Choose your preferred language, English or Spanish, to ensure a smooth survey experience.

official CVS survey choose language

  • Answering the Questions: The survey covers various aspects of your visit, including store ambiance, staff interaction, product availability, checkout process, and overall satisfaction. Be honest and detailed in your responses to provide valuable insights.

official CVS survey share your feedback

  • Entering the Sweepstakes: After completing the survey, you have the option to enter the $1,000 sweepstakes for a chance to win a gift card.

CVS Survey Sweepstakes

What the CVS Health Survey Covers?

The survey goes beyond simple yes/no questions. It delves into specific areas that directly impact your shopping experience:

  • Store Ambiance and Cleanliness: Rate the overall feel of the store, its cleanliness, and organization.
  • Staff Availability and Helpfulness: Share your experience with staff interaction, including their approachability, knowledge, and problem-solving skills.
  • Product Selection and Availability: Let them know if you found the products you were looking for and if the selection was adequate.
  • Checkout Process and Speed: Provide feedback on the checkout process, its efficiency, and whether it was friendly and hassle-free.
  • Overall Satisfaction with Your Experience: Share your overall impression of your visit, highlighting both positive and negative aspects.

Benefits of Participating in CVS Health Survey

Taking the survey benefits both you and CVS Health:

Chance to Win a $1,000 Gift Card

Who doesn’t love an opportunity to win some extra cash? By participating, you automatically enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card.

Contribute to Positive Changes at CVS Health

Your feedback is crucial for identifying areas where CVS Health can improve. By sharing your voice, you’re directly contributing to positive changes that enhance the shopping experience for everyone.

Your Voice Heard and Valued

Knowing that your opinion matters is empowering. It sends the message that you, as a customer, are an integral part of the CVS Health community, not just a transaction. When you take the time to share your feedback, you’re not simply filling out a survey; you’re engaging in a dialogue, a two-way street where your voice shapes the future of the company.

Think about it this way

Your feedback is like a tiny pebble dropped into a still pond. The ripples may seem small at first, but they spread outwards, touching and influencing everything around them. Your honest appraisal of your experience, whether positive or negative, can trigger a chain reaction of improvements. It could lead to more efficient checkout processes, better-stocked shelves, or even friendlier staff training. By participating in the survey, you’re becoming a co-creator of the CVS Health experience, ensuring it aligns with your needs and expectations.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Taking the survey is also a form of self-advocacy. It’s your opportunity to stand up and declare what matters to you, what kind of shopping experience you deserve. It’s about asserting your right to be heard and understood, not just as a customer, but as an individual with unique preferences and perspectives.

Remember, every voice carries weight. So, the next time you visit CVS Health, take a few minutes to participate in the survey. It’s not just a questionnaire; it’s a powerful tool for positive change, a chance to make your voice heard and contribute to a better shopping experience for everyone. Remember, together, we can create a ripple effect of improvement, one survey at a time.


Taking the CVS Health survey is more than just a chance to win a prize; it’s an opportunity to make your voice heard and contribute to positive change. Your feedback is a valuable asset, and by sharing it, you’re playing an active role in shaping the future of your shopping experience. So, don’t hesitate to participate – your voice matters, and it deserves to be heard.

Remember, small actions can create big waves. By taking a few minutes to share your feedback, you’re contributing to a ripple effect of improvement that benefits everyone who shops at CVS Health. Be heard, make a difference, and help create a better shopping experience for all.


How can I contact CVS customer service?

For any customer support needs, you can call 1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287). However, entry to the customer survey sweepstakes is only available through the online survey and email methods.

Is there another way to provide feedback?

While the survey is the official channel for sweepstakes entry, you can also provide feedback directly through the CVS website, their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), or by calling customer service.

What’s the deadline to take the survey?

You have seven days from your purchase date to access the survey using the code on your receipt. Don’t wait too long!

Can I participate without a purchase?

Unfortunately, no. Participation in the survey and sweepstakes requires a valid purchase and survey code from your receipt.

What happens to my personal information?

CVS Health takes data privacy seriously. Your personal information collected during the survey is used solely for administration purposes and sweepstakes entry, and it is kept confidential according to their privacy policy.

How do I do a CVS survey?

To complete the official CVS customer satisfaction survey and enter the sweepstakes for a $1,000 gift card, follow these steps:

  • Within 7 days of your purchase: Locate the 17-digit survey code printed on your receipt.
  • Visit the survey website: Go to (not affiliated with CVS) and select your preferred language (English or Spanish).
  • Enter the code and answer questions: Honestly answer questions about your experience with store ambiance, staff, product availability, checkout, and overall satisfaction.
  • Optional sweepstakes entry: Provide your contact information to be entered into the monthly drawing for a $1,000 gift card.

How do I give feedback on CVS?

While taking the official survey is encouraged for sweepstakes entry, you can also offer feedback in other ways:

CVS website: Submit feedback directly through their website portal (not the survey site).
Social media: Share your experience on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by tagging @cvspharmacy.
Phone: Call their customer service line at 1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287).

How do I block emails from CVS?

To manage your email preferences and unsubscribe from certain marketing emails, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your CVS account: Visit the CVS website and log in to your account.
  • Manage communication preferences: Go to “My Account” and navigate to “Communication Preferences.”
  • Select your preferences: Choose which types of emails you wish to receive or unsubscribe from all marketing emails.

Does CVS send text messages?

CVS occasionally sends text messages for appointment reminders, prescription refill notifications, and special offers. They typically require your opt-in through a designated form or by replying to a specific message with a keyword. If you no longer wish to receive texts, you can usually reply “STOP” to the message or contact CVS customer service to manage your preferences.

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