Whataburger Survey

Whataburger Survey – Shape Your Dining Experience

Burgers may unite America, but Texas holds particular passion for iconic orange-and-white stripes and that signature A-frame entrance. Whataburger stands both staple and emblem for Lone Star State identity with over 870 locations serving up made-to-order classics. Now this homegrown chain seeks more input from its loyal fans through one new forum: the Whataburger Survey.

What’s the Whataburger Survey?

Accessible on receipts or at WhataburgerGuestSurvey.com, this brief customer questionnaire centers getting candid feedback from patrons on their recent restaurant experiences. Aspects covered include:

  • Friendliness + accuracy of employees
  • Order wait times
  • Accuracy of orders
  • Quality + freshness of menu items
  • Cleanliness of dining areas + restrooms
  • Perceptions around value

Customers simply rate various elements on a 5-point scale plus share open commentary on standout service moments or areas needing improvement. The collective data signals each location’s performance through the eyes of guests themselves – helping managers address trouble spots.

Whataburger Survey Incentives: Coupons + Sweepstakes

To thank participants for time spent sharing perspectives, Whataburger offers these survey perks:

  • Limited-time BOGO sandwich coupons added to online accounts
  • Entries into monthly sweepstakes to win exciting Whataburger merch
  • Future discount offers and early peeks at new menu options

Why Should Customers Participate?

Beyond scoring free food, the Guest Survey gives patrons influence shaping that quintessential Whataburger experience for all who walk through those orange doors.

  • Your Input Directs Change: Feedback helps location staff better deliver on customer expectations around quality, speed, hospitality.
  • Spotlight Exceptional Service: Commenting on standout team members means leadership invest more in empowering employees.
  • Shape Menu Offerings: New products added or improved based on aggregated insights from loyal customers.
  • Enhance Brand Trust: Customer ratings enable Whataburger to benchmark store consistency and address outliers dragging down regional impressions.

So next meal, slip in an extra Whatasize order of giving back by speaking your piece in their Guest Survey process. Just a few tasty minutes makes your voice heard loud and proud all the way up to headquarters – and helps this Texas icon continue satiating Lone Star appetites for decades more.

Whataburger Plans Expansion Outside Texas

While Whataburger proudly proclaims Texas as home base, recent majority acquisition by a Chicago-based investor now accelerates expansion plans beyond state lines. New locations targeted throughout the Southeast where similarly ravenous demand for quality burger joints prevails.

“Customization was always our secret recipe for growth,” says Whataburger CEO Ed Nelson. “We believe the Guest Survey lifts the voice of local customers to inform the offerings and service that best speaks to regional tastes. As we expand across Dixie, using that feedback so communities feel we created these burgers just for them makes all the difference.”

The company credits survey feedback in helping recently launched Nashville and Charlotte locations exceed first-year sales projections through Southern-inspired menu specials like pimento cheese burgers and sweet peach milkshakes.

So wherever those famous A-frame orange stripes next plant – you can bet the Guest Survey comes along to ensure each new outpost serves up quintessential Whataburger hospitality meeting local customer cravings.


Long before burger chains carpeted highways from Houston to Huntsville, Whataburger built loyal legions by putting regional flavor first. While ambitious expansion plans now unfold, leadership leans on customer perspectives to preserve that signature charm. By lifting patron voices through user surveys engaging exactly what hits the sweet spot or misses the mark, this cherished brand allows you to directly shape offerings at a neighborhood level. So speak up with recipe ideas, service wins or constructive criticism to keep your local Whataburger satisfying Southern tastes for years to come.


What is the Whataburger Guest Survey?

An online customer questionnaire collecting ratings and feedback about food quality, service, cleanliness, wait times and other aspects of guests’ dining experiences.

Who conducts the Whataburger Survey?

Whataburger corporate oversees the survey program and analyzes results to inform decisions around improving restaurants.

Why should Whataburger customers participate?

To directly influence your future dining experiences, score free food coupons, bring standout employees recognition and showcase local preferences.

How do customers access and take the survey?

Either scan receipt QR code or visit WhataburgerGuestSurvey.com and enter receipt details to pull up the survey. Takes 5-10 minutes.

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