US Speaks Survey

What is US Speaks Survey? US Speaks Text Message Survey

US Speaks survey is a research organization that specializes in collecting public opinion data through text message surveys. They reach out to people across the United States to get their perspectives on current events, elections, public policy issues, brands, and more. Their goal is to conduct research that shapes understanding of public sentiment in America.

US Speaks focuses on text message surveys as an effective way to gather high-quality data. They aim to provide an easy, user-friendly surveying alternative for busy individuals on the go.

Why Text Messages?

  • Inconvenience of phone calls – Phone surveys can be disruptive and inconvenient for people’s busy lives. Text surveys are less intrusive and easier to respond to on your own schedule.
  • User-friendly alternative for busy individuals – Texting is already an engrained daily habit for most people. Responding takes just a few taps, making participation smooth and seamless.
  • Flexibility and accessibility – Text surveys allow people to share their opinions easily at any time, without the constraints of phone or online surveys. This increases accessibility and flexibility.

What kind of issues does US Speaks cover?

US Speaks conducts text message surveys covering a wide variety of current issues, such as:

  • Elections and political issues
  • Public policy and legislation
  • Brands and consumer opinions
  • Entertainment and pop culture
  • News events and social issues

How does the US Speaks Survey work?

  • Format options: Surveys can be text-only or combination text and online. Text-only is simpler for quick responses on the go. Online + text allows for more in-depth surveys.
  • Qualification process: US Speaks recruits participants across demographics. People can opt-in through various channels to qualify for surveys.

Privacy and Security Concerns

  • Clarification on purpose of messages: Surveys are for research purposes only, not sales or marketing. Personal data is not shared.
  • No marketing or sales: US Speaks does not sell survey participant data or use it for any commercial purposes. The focus is pure research.

Benefits of Participation in US Speaks Survey

  • Share your perspective on important current issues that shape society.
  • Contribute to shaping public discourse by making your voice heard through data.
  • Understand how others feel through anonymized results on national opinions.

How to Get Involved in US Speaks Survey?

Participants can opt-in to receive survey invitations through the US Speaks website and free texting programs. US Speaks also recruits across demographics to ensure broad, nationally representative survey samples.

Is US Speaks Legitimate?

  • Addressing potential skepticism: US Speaks is a fully legitimate market research company, compliant with survey research ethics and consumer privacy laws.
  • Transparency and research ethics: They are transparent about recruitment, data usage, and privacy. Surveys undergo rigorous review to ensure adherence to research ethics.

Alternatives to US Speaks

There are other survey platforms, but US Speaks offers unique advantages:

  • Focus on text messaging as convenient survey mode
  • Broad issue coverage beyond politics and elections
  • Rigorous standards for demographic sampling
  • Specialization in short topical surveys for quick insights

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  • Summary: US Speaks enables easy participation in important survey research via text messaging. This shapes public discourse by collecting national opinion data on current issues.
  • Call to action: Opt-in to take part in US Speaks surveys. Have your perspective be heard on issues that matter while benefiting from data on national opinions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take?

Surveys take just a few minutes. US Speaks aims to minimize time burden on participants.

Is my information safe?

Yes, responses are kept completely anonymous and confidential. Personal data is never shared.

How are the results used?

Data is aggregated and analyzed to derive insights into public opinion. Results are published in research reports.

Can I opt out?

Yes, you can opt out at any time by texting STOP or contacting US Speaks.

Is there compensation for participation?

At this time, US Speaks surveys do not provide direct compensation. Participation helps shape public understanding.