Tellthebell Taco Bell Survey Free Tacos, Chalupas or More

You can score free tacos, chalupas or more through taco bell’s TellTheBell customer survey. Renowned as America’s beloved Mexican-inspired fast food provider bringing flavorful favorites like loaded burritos, customizable nachos, melty quesadillas loaded fries, and of course tacos galore to hungry fans for nearly 60 years now, Taco Bell stays ahead of trends through menu innovations and consumer sentiment insights.

From launching breakfast hours in 2014 to disrupting norms via the legendary Doritos Locos Taco collaboration to most recently debuting a business school for aspiring franchise owners, Taco Bell refuses complacency.

However, sustaining consistently exceptional and unique quick service experiences across 7,000+ US locations still necessitates direct customer feedback identifying both unmet needs and existing strengths to double down on through reinforcement.

Taco Bell Survey

Via Taco Bell’s TellTheBell online user survey platform, patrons have an efficient interface for relaying recent restaurant visit satisfaction across key attributes like order accuracy, speed of service, staff friendliness, food craveability, mobile ordering convenience, and facility atmosphere/cleanliness.

In return for participant time highlighting areas excelling or requiring improvement, feedback is rewarded with new visit coupon codes adding free crunchy tacos, grilled chicken soft tacos, classic burritos, or other favorites to redemption carts.

For Taco Bell’s leadership, aggregate TellTheBell findings help steer ongoing menu, store, and employee enhancements informed purely by unfiltered consumer perspectives rather than internal assumptions alone.

Why Complete Taco Bell’s Tellthebell Survey?

While of course the draw of scoring free tacos or other signature items in itself entices participation, TellTheBell provides perhaps the most direct channel for Taco Bell patrons to steer meaningful improvements at their frequented locations and even chainwide.

Your feedback holds significant influence guiding everything from food quality oversight and preparation/service procedure reinforcement to team engagement initiatives, managing mobile app expectations amidst shifts in ordering channels popularities, new menu development inclusive of diverse preferences, and local shop operational upgrades.

Beyond self-serving benefits, TellTheBell ensures your voice prominently fuels better still Taco Bell journeys for your whole community.

How to Take Taco Bell’s Tellthebell Customer Survey?

Sharing your Taco Bell purchasing perspectives via TellTheBell only takes a few minutes with a recent receipt handy.

The online survey covers visit recency, overall satisfaction, food craveability, customized order ease, speed perceptions, service friendliness/helpfulness, accuracy, facility cleanliness, mobile ordering, and areas for improvement.

Upon entering validation receipt details, customers receive instant confirmation of coupon code redemption details for incentivized follow-up orders.

For the best survey contribution impact aligned to enhancing precisely what patrons value most from Taco Bell, emphasize constructive feedback on underperforming aspects rather than solely praising current strengths.

Your community deserves even better customer service, craveable innovations, and efficient operations ahead!


As taco consumption surges over coming years on evolving consumer palates, sustaining exceptional yet consistent quick service experiences across 7,000+ US locations necessitates Taco Bell’s reliance on direct patron feedback like TellTheBell facilitates. By spending just a few minutes highlighting recent visit strengths to reinforce and constructive areas needing attention, you help steer better still journeys chainwide – all while scoring free taco incentives.


What does the Taco Bell survey reward?

Completing Taco Bell’s TellTheBell survey earns customers a coupon code redeemable for free menu items like crunchy or grilled chicken tacos, bean burritos, medium drinks, cinnamon twists, and other classics typically costing between $1-$2 alone.

What aspects does the Taco Bell survey cover?

Key visit satisfaction elements surveyed include food craveability, order accuracy, customized preparation ease, speed of service, staff friendliness and attentiveness, facility cleanliness, mobile app reliability for ordering/payment, and open suggestions for improvements.

How long does it take to complete TellTheBell?

With about 15 multiple choice questions on visit perceptions plus a few open comment opportunities, TellTheBell takes most customers less than 5 minutes to complete when referencing their receipt for recent Taco Bell trip details.

When can you take the Taco Bell customer survey?

To ensure accurate memory recall on your Taco Bell experience while earning the free food reward, it’s best to complete TellTheBell within a few days of your visit rather than waiting weeks later. Valid receipt details are required during the final survey step.

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