Tellhappystar – Survey for Discount Rewards at Restaurants

As a leading Asian food distributor spread across hundreds of small business restaurant partners since 1985, Happy Star Foods knows cuisine quality means nothing without supreme customer service. To constantly enhance localized offerings within the communities they serve, Happy Star Foods implemented their official TellHappyStar feedback platform – gathering diner reviews of beloved mom & pop shops stocked by their wholesale brand.

And for your candid patron perspectives after any meal at a member eatery, you get rewarded discounts on future visits! Below learn more on accessing Tell Happy Star, reviewing your receipt, types of survey questions, plus additional loyalty perks you can unlock.

Accessing the TellHappyStar Restaurant Receipt Survey

Getting your receipt validated to take the user survey takes just a few quick steps:

  1. Dine at Member Restaurant – Find locations here then dine in or order takeout as normal from any participating spot stocked by Happy Star.
  2. Keep Printed Receipt – Make sure your payment receipt prints clearly showing restaurant name, total, date and unique 8-digit code.
  3. Take Survey – Within 3 days, visit and enter the 8-digit code to confirm eligibility then continue to questionnaire.

With this easy validation process, you can complete ratings after any meal from a Happy Star supported restaurant for loyalty rewards.

Survey Rewards Details

Along with helping locally owned shops boost service through submitted reviews, Tell Happy Star also motivates diners by unlocking free food! Here are the loyalty reward tiers you can earn after leaving your feedback:

  • 1st Visit Survey – 15% off coupon
  • 2nd Visit Survey – Free soup or eggroll
  • 3rd Visit Survey – 15% off coupon
  • 4th Visit Survey – Free fountain drink
  • 5th Visit Survey – $6 off coupon

Make sure to use any earned coupons before expiration and continue taking the survey to unlock more loyalty discounts!

Survey Questions and Feedback Themes

The Tell Happy Star questionnaire asks a variety of questions regarding your receipt location such as:

  • Dining frequency
  • Overall satisfaction rating
  • Cashier courtesy assessment
  • Order accuracy evaluation
  • Food freshness and taste commentary
  • Restaurant cleanliness feedback

Happy Star analyzes ratings across locations to address emerging shop-specific weaknesses while better supporting small business partners through sponsorship opportunities.

Additional Member Restaurant Savings

Along with survey-triggered loyalty coupons at shops with Happy Star wholesale goods, you can also often find:

  • Coupon mailers with seasonal savings from specific restaurants
  • Special discounts or free items for joining email lists
  • Order online for pickup promotions at certain locations
  • Happy hour, lunch combo or group ordering deals

So keep an eye out right on premises for smallest-print additional savings only known to regulars!

Support Small Shops by Participating

Every completed rating helps family-owned restaurants relying on Happy Star inventory insights to boost local recipes, offerings, pricing and hospitality. Make sure to snap a photo of or hold onto all Happy Star receipts to contribute perspectives across multiple location visits for loyalty fueling even more amazing meals!


As a leading Asian food distributor for hundreds of small eateries since 1985, Happy Star Foods depends entirely on diner satisfaction to determine inventory tailored regionally. The Tell Happy Star receipt survey allows patrons to directly enhance local restaurants they love through candid feedback on menu quality, pricing, hospitality, and more. For just minutes giving your views after meals, you unlock loyalty coupons making mom & pop shops even more affordable.


What types of restaurants accept Tell Happy Star receipt surveys?

Any Asian restaurant using Happy Star Foods as a wholesale goods supplier prints Tell Happy Star eligible receipts. Check list of participating locations on their site.

How long do I have to take the Tell Happy Star survey?

You must enter the 8-digit code from your receipt at within 3 days of your meal to qualify for rewards redemption.

What loyalty discounts can I earn from multiple surveys?

Rewards start at 15% off, lead to free soup or drinks, ultimately reach $6 off coupons after your 5th completed Tell Happy Star review.

Can receipts be used for more than one survey?

No, each unique 8-digit receipt code from a Happy Star partner eatery expiry can only be used once for a single survey.

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