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TCSG Survey and Voter Contact Strategies Explained

TCSG Survey: Looking to boost your electoral success through strategic voter engagement? TCSG (The Campaign Solutions Group) brings over 25 years of political consulting expertise. Read on to learn about their TCSG survey research, voter contact programs, independent expenditure services, and how TCSG employs data-driven solutions for campaign victories.

About TCSG Survey

TCSG (The Campaign Solutions Group) is a leading political consulting firm that specializes in campaign management, survey research, and voter outreach solutions. With over 25 years of experience working on local, state, and national political campaigns, TCSG brings strategic expertise and innovative technology to help their clients achieve electoral success.

Tcsg Voter-contact

TCSG offers cutting-edge voter contact programs including:

  • Live Phone Calls: Local professional call centers for surveys and GOTV calls.
  • AutoDialer: Automated GOTV reminder and survey calls.
  • Text Messaging: Peer-to-peer texting software.
  • Direct Mail: Targeted design, printing, and mailing services.
  • Door-to-Door Canvassing: Trained canvassers with mobile apps.

Their multi-channel voter outreach achieves the reach and frequency needed to influence voters and win on Election Day.

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True Blue Strategies

True Blue Strategies is TCSG’s independent expenditure and advocacy arm. Their team of experts specializes in polling, predictive analytics, and cutting-edge voter persuasion tactics to influence key voting blocs and promote issues.

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See the latest training sessions, webinars, and speaking engagements held by TCSG. Their online event calendar makes it easy to stay up-to-date on opportunities to learn from their team of veteran political strategists.

Contact TCSG – Campaign Solutions Group

Reach out to a TCSG specialist for a customized proposal on employing their wide range of campaign services and technology solutions:

Phone: (703) 318-7200
Email: [email protected]

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Join the TCSG Membership Program for access to premium political polling data, strategy guides, online trainings, and up-to-date information on voter contact trends. Memberships start at just $50/month. Sign up today to gain a competitive edge.

With TCSG’s decades of experience and data-driven approach, campaigns can execute targeted, effective strategies that engage and persuade voters for electoral success.

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With cutting-edge voter contact technology, experienced strategists, and data-fueled tactics, TCSG gives campaigns a powerful advantage. Their comprehensive approach targets, persuades, and motivates voters for big wins on election day. Contact them to explore customized solutions.


What services does TCSG Survey provide?

TCSG offers a full range of campaign management and voter outreach services including:

  • Strategic Consulting: Experienced strategists provide data-driven planning and targeting.
  • Survey Research: Scientific polling and opinion studies guide effective messaging.
  • Voter Contact Programs: Multi-channel voter outreach via phone, text, mail and door knocking.
  • Advertising: Ad creation and strategic media buys for persuasion.
  • Fundraising: Direct mail and digital fundraising to raise campaign funds.
  • Compliance: Ensuring legal/ethical compliance throughout the campaign.

TCSG is a one-stop firm covering all key aspects of modern political campaigning.

How can TCSG help my political campaign?

TCSG can provide customized solutions to meet your campaign’s unique needs:

  • Voter profiling through micro-targeted polling helps efficiently identify and persuade swing voters.
  • Multi-mode voter contact via phone, text, mail gets your message to voters through their preferred channel.
  • Their online voter database allows for real-time monitoring of voter outreach results.
  • Experts will translate data insights into persuasive messaging that motivates your base and flips undecided voters.
  • Post-election, their analysts will evaluate results to guide future improvement.

What is voter contact by TCSG?

TCSG offers a wide range of voter contact services to reach voters effectively:

  • Automated phone calls and peer-to-peer texting for GOTV
  • Live phone banking for surveys and persuasion
  • Targeted direct mail campaigns
  • Door-to-door canvassing with real-time data

Their multi-channel approach maximizes reach and combines digital efficiency with the personal touch of direct voter interaction.

How do I schedule a strategy call with TCSG?

You can schedule a free strategy call with a TCSG specialist to discuss your campaign goals and get a customized proposal. Call 703-318-7200 or email [email protected] stating you’d like to schedule a consultation. Their team is happy to assess your needs and explain how their services can help you win.

How can I become a member of TCSG?

Visit their website and click “Become a Member.” Memberships start at $50/month and provide exclusive access to premium polling data, strategy guides, trainings, and the latest insights from TCSG experts. Membership allows you to tap into invaluable resources to gain a winning edge.