Tangere Survey

Tangere Survey – Share Your Bjs Wholesale Club Experiences

Known for affordable wholesale pricing on bulk grocery goods, name brand packaged foods and household essentials, pet supplies, beauty products, apparel, and seasonal offerings like patio furniture and holiday decor, BJ’s Wholesale Club attracts families and small businesses alike focused on value without sacrificing quality or choice.

Still, as a membership warehouse chain, BJ’s depends on continuously demonstrating superiority over both big box discount retailers and wholesale rivals through a tailored yet convenient shopping experience inclusive of easy navigation stores, knowledgeable employees readily assisting across departments, prompt checkout service even during peak weekends, LOYAL and varied Own Brands portfolio catering to distinctive nutritional and cultural preferences.

While large quarterly promotions and fuel station rewards keep existing members returning frequently for everything from pantry staples and cleaning products to deli prepared meals and fresh produce/meats, a membership-reliant retailer like BJ’s ultimately relies upon high customer satisfaction driving renewals and new sign-ups through word of mouth referrals.

Seeking direct member feedback for improvement while also letting loyal shoppers share praise for standout locations and staff, BJ’s implemented the Tangere survey portal as an open feedback mechanism.

Purpose of Tangere Survey

As a members-only retail chain similar to Costco or Sam’s Club, BJ’s recognizes the immense value of giving loyal regular shoppers an efficient vehicle for highlighting their in-club experiences from best to worst.

Available in English and Spanish in recognition of their ethnically diverse membership base, the Tangere survey provides BJ’s leadership critical insight on improving pain points around store cleanliness, merchandise selection/organization, pricing, staff attentiveness, special order item availability, checkout speed, fuel center service, and more.

On the positive end, members can easily convey locations consistently excelling across metrics from fresh produce quality to deli grab-and-go convenience which helps BJ’s better incentivize management and inform staff training/retention initiatives.

How to Take the Tangere Survey?

Sharing your latest BJ’s shopping trip evaluations via the Tangere digital member survey takes under 10 minutes with receipt details on-hand.

After selecting your preferred language, you can rate and comment across categories like:

  • Overall member satisfaction
  • Employee availability/attentiveness for service or questions
  • Produce selection, freshness, quality
  • Meat/seafood offerings and value
  • Price fairness perceptions
  • Checkout speed performance
  • Fuel station service (if applicable)

The survey also captures basic demographic traits like membership tenure, club visit frequency, basket sizes, and categories shopped most often to help BJ’s identify underperforming locations by member segment values.

Providing email contact info allows for follow-up clarification if desired.

Tips for Giving Valuable BJ’s Feedback

To ensure your perspectives truly help advance improvements catering to patron priorities when shopping BJ’s clubs, keep these tips in mind:

  • Reference multiple locations you frequent if possible
  • Compare against other wholesale chains like Costco on pricing/quality
  • Suggest additions to ineffective Own Brands items
  • Detail both exceptional and disappointing employee interactions
  • Quantify checkout wait times when frustrated
  • Note specialty diet needs underserved currently

As a paid member supporting their wholesale success through renewals and referrals, ensure your voice gets heard by taking a few minutes to complete BJ’s Tangere survey on your next club run!


Given BJ’s dependence on loyalty driving membership renewals year after year, actively listening to shopper feedback on wins to sustain and shortcomings needing attention remains imperative. By spending just a few minutes on their Tangere survey detailing your latest perceptions, you gain assurance that your voice helps to shape an even better, member-centric warehouse shopping experience in the future.


What do you get for taking the BJ’s Tangere survey?

While there are no direct individual rewards or incentives for completing the BJ’s Tangere member survey, customers can feel good knowing their candid input helps identify and resolve pain points to improve overall membership satisfaction.

What topics does the Tangere survey cover?

The survey captures member feedback on satisfaction with elements like product selection/availability, produce quality, price fairness perceptions, checkout speed, employee attentiveness/helpfulness, Own Brands portfolio, fuel center service, store cleanliness and organization, and more.

How long does the BJ’s survey take?

With mainly multiple choice ratings questions and a few open comment boxes for detail, the Tangere member survey takes less than 10 minutes for most BJ’s shoppers to thoughtfully complete.

Who can take the BJ’s Wholesale Tangere survey?

The survey is open specifically to paid BJ’s Wholesale Club members only rather than the general public, as it revolves around member-exclusive shopping experiences with clubs, brands, and service levels.

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