SurveyPlanet Online Platform To Transform Consumer Research

Understanding your customers, their needs and behaviors, can make or break business success. But gathering reliable insights often requires extensive, expensive market research efforts. SurveyPlanet eliminates this roadblock through free online survey templates and analysis tools purpose-built for today’s consumer insight needs.

With an ever-growing 300+ survey template library spanning common research applications, user-friendly drag and drop customization, multi-mode distribution options, automated data visualization plus easy shareability, SurveyPlanet lets individuals and organizations of all sizes gain consumer perspectives to guide decisions. Discover why over 6 million customers trust SurveyPlanet as their go-to online survey platform.

SurveyPlanet Allow Intuitive Online Survey Creation

SurveyPlanet’s browser-based interface allows construct optimized, professional surveys in minutes through:

  • Customizable Templates – Start from 300+ expert-designed survey templates for market research, customer profiling, concept/ad testing, event feedback, employee evaluations and more
  • Drag & Drop Builder – Easily add, edit, rearrange flexible question types in an intuitive what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor
  • Randomization & Logic – Increase engagement by randomizing option orders and triggering questions based on responses
  • Branding Controls – Tailor themes, color palettes and add logos for consistent styling

Robust Delivery & Promotion Tools

Getting surveys out to target respondent groups is streamlined with SurveyPlanet’s:

  • Email Distribution – Send survey invites/reminders to mailing lists, segments
  • Link Promotion – Encourage responses by sharing links via chat, social posts and more
  • QR Code Integration – Print embeddable QR code images to place on printed materials
  • Web Widgets – Embed surveys on websites, blogs and intranet sites for convenient access

Automated Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

As responses are submitted, integrated analysis transforms raw data into digestible charts and tables revealing:

  • Completion & Response Rates – Track participation momentum
  • Summary Statistics – Measure central tendencies like mean, median
  • Charts & Graphs – Visualize answer distributions, trends
  • Custom Reports – Isolate key metric views for sharing insights

Unmatched Capabilities Democratizing Consumer Research

Through an intuitive yet robust survey management experience, SurveyPlanet delivers unmatched depth of consumer insights and perspective guiding strategic decisions. Sign up free today.


Don’t leave customer preferences, priorities and behaviors unknown. Sign up free for SurveyPlanet to start uncovering actionable consumer perspectives through expert-designed market research surveys and automated analytics purpose-built for strategic decision support.


What survey creation support does SurveyPlanet offer?

SurveyPlanet allows intuitive drag and drop customization of over 300 expert survey templates spanning common consumer research use cases like market surveys, event feedback, employee evaluations and more.

How do users access and promote created surveys?

Surveys are easily shared via email distribution, social media links, embeddable QR codes, web widgets and more to drive responses from targeted groups.

What insights can I extract from survey responses?

Automated real-time analytics transform raw data into digestible statistical overviews, charts and custom reports revealing response rates, completion metrics, answer distributions, text analysis and more.

How much does SurveyPlanet cost to use?

Basic survey creation, distribution and analysis features are available for free. Paid plans with priority support and advanced capabilities like data exports scale based on survey respondent limits.

Is SurveyPlanet secure and compliant for sensitive data?

Yes, SurveyPlanet utilizes SOC 2-compliant data centers with 256-bit SSL encryption, IP anonymization and stringent privacy/access controls to keep response data safe and compliant.

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