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What is Spidermetrix?

In today’s increasingly crowded and noisy online landscape, it’s absolutely essential yet immensely challenging for brands and businesses targeting specific markets to deeply understand their competitive positioning, track/rank vital metrics in real time, identify burgeoning trends and pockets of opportunity, monitor threats, and capitalize on every edge for positive market differentiation.

Rather than relying on incomplete instincts or vanity metrics alone, data-driven market intelligence and analytics can unlock immense advantages.

Still, few companies have sufficient in-house resources, expansive third party data access, technical capability, and extensive tracking expertise to implement robust monitoring on their own.

Fortunately, purpose-built competitive intelligence and SEO visibility solutions like those from Spidermetrix fill these crucial information and skill gaps.

Spidermetrix Overview

New York based Spidermetrix helps organizations across diverse categories enhance visibility, monitor online presence in real time beyond superficial metrics, benchmark performance more astutely against direct and adjacent rivals, react quickly to risks/opportunities through early trend signals, optimize search engine results page (SERP) rankings and click through rates (CTRs), drive more informed site optimization and content decisions, and much more.

By combining a proprietary crawl engine, expansive third party data integrations, machine learning/AI automation, and proven analytics, performance marketing, and technical SEO expertise, Spidermetrix delivers powerful cloud-based intelligence tools tailored to different needs.

Whether a national retailer seeking accurate gauge of local market variations, a niche B2B company analyzing share of voice amongst competitors, or an agency advising multi-site clients hourly on visibility fluctuations, Spidermetrix equips smarter strategies through their intelligence platform.

Key Spidermetrix Solutions & Use Cases

With nuanced competitive tracking, visibility indexing, rank and SERP volatility monitoring, share of voice/market share calculations, domain authority/backlinks measurement, and ongoing optimization recommendations across a robust feature set, Spidermetrix’s core solution areas include:

  • Local Market Intelligence
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • SEO Performance Monitoring
  • Opportunity Identification

On a single intuitive dashboard with customizable reporting and real-time signal alerts, businesses gain comprehensive visibility into current standing vs. rivals while also advising more nimble, insightful digital marketing tactics.

Key use cases such as monitoring rankings in localized city domains, assessing keyword traffic shares by market, revealing new link building and content ideas based on top performers, capitalizing on gaps where competition lags, gauging rank fluctuations/volatilities, optimizing underperforming city pages, and more become infinitely easier.

Added Platform Benefits

Beyond expansive analytics dashboards and competitive tracking capabilities across devices/locations, additional Spidermetrix differentiators include:

  • Ongoing platform support and optimization guidance from in-house experts
  • Integrations with leading SEO tools via API
  • White label reporting
  • Role-based account access controls
  • Custom reporting and data exports
  • Mobile app access with notifications

Through a combination of business visibility analytics, community data contributions, and dedicated in-house specialists, Spidermetrix transforms once disparate, complex portfolio monitoring and opportunity discovery tasks into unified, accessible competitive intelligence advantage.

In an era where competing based on digital visibility, agility to capitalize on trends/gaps, benchmarking beyond surface indications, and gaining first-mover advantages rule success, blind spots prove immensely dangerous. By leveraging solutions like those from Spidermetrix built specifically to expose intelligence and steer smarter decisions through market analytics clarity, brands in any industry can thrive.


In today’s oversaturated online landscape, custom competitive intelligence and performance visibility analytics provide immense strategic value to brands seeking to differentiate effectively. With extensive dataset crawls, API integrations with top SEO tools, dedicated analyst support, and an intuitive dashboard to monitor key metrics in real-time, Spidermetrix delivers an purpose-built platform giving enterprises the actionable insights they need to react faster, improve SERP positions, close visibility gaps, and win more market share.


What does the Spidermetrix platform offer?

Spidermetrix offers an expansive cloud-based analytics solution to track online visibility metrics like website rankings, domain authority trends, backlinks gains, click-through rates, share of voice calculations, rank volatility monitoring, and more in comparison to defined competitors. This enables smarter optimization.

What kind of businesses use Spidermetrix?

Leading retailers, agencies managing multi-location clients, niche B2B brands, healthcare systems, hospitality brands, and organizations in other industries leverage Spidermetrix for market visibility intelligence and competition benchmarking.

What are some key use cases for Spidermetrix?

Use cases include tracking localized city page rankings, identifying new link building and content ideas based on top performers, monitoring rank fluctuations hourly, assessing keyword traffic shares by market, gauging positional volatility threats, gaining share of voice insights, and more.

Does Spidermetrix offer consulting services beyond the platform?

Yes, the in-house team includes seasoned SEM/SEO experts, data scientists, technologists, and performance marketing specialists who provide ongoing platform support, guidance interpreting insights for smarter optimization, API integration assistance with other martech tools, and more.

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