SAKFCSurvey – SA Shape KFC’s User Experience

The South African arm of global juggernaut KFC now serves up the quintessentially American recipe for success: listening to the customer. Yes, their trademark finger lickin’ good fried chicken still packs locations. But SAKFC stays hungry for even bigger growth through one digital tool – their customer satisfaction sakfcsurvey.

SAKFCSurvey : Rating Your Chicken Experience

Part of parent company Yum! Brands’ global outreach effort lifting customer voices, the SAKFCSurvey offers South African patrons a direct channel to leadership on improving store operations. Accessed online by QR code or manually at, the 10-15 minute questionnaire asks customers to score and review aspects like:

  • Friendliness + speed of staff service
  • Accuracy of food + drink orders
  • Freshness + temperature of menu items
  • Cleanliness of dining area + restrooms
  • Perceptions of value for money spent

Comment boxes invite highlighting standout employees or logistics that missed the mark during one’s visit. The data then organizes by location so management can pinpoint strengths and weakness in the guest experience. Store managers have skin in the game too – bonuses now tied to achieving customer satisfaction targets.

Why Should Customers Participate?

Yes, SAKFC offers survey participants coupon codes for free potato wedges as incentive. But sharing your experience wields more influence than scoring free grub. Here’s why to speak your piece:

  • Directly Shape Your Next Visit: Your input spotlights what delights or needs improving so that SAKFC ups their game.
  • Spotlight Standout Service: Sharing stellar employee encounters helps hardworking team members gain recognition.
  • Steer Community Support: Managers aim keeping surrounding neighborhoods happy plus view customer feedback as a benchmark for local store reputations.
  • Compare Competitors: Yum! Brands analyzes ratings across regions to see where KFC lags quick service rivals, then targets changes.
  • Impact Overall Brand: Your voice holds weight all the way up the chain as executives use survey data to inform big picture strategy.

So whether you want crispier original recipe or quicker service, don’t hesitate participating in the SAKFC User Survey next meal. Corporate takes the insights to heart – and your tastebuds will likely reap the rewards!

Tapping African Markets for Growth

Though KFC enjoys established dominance in South Africa with over 850 locations, expansion across more African nations represents the next big horizon. After the company’s Nigeria division pilot tested the customer satisfaction tracker in 2021 to great returns, rollout commenced across Ghana, Kenya and Angola. Early data already flagged menu modifications better suiting local cuisine preferences helping steer growth.

“African customers show great enthusiasm for global brands representing quality aspirations,” says SAKFC regional executive Tshepo Ntuli, who now oversees the customer survey program continent-wide. “But success ensuress through understanding distinct tastes and expectations in each community we enter rather than just transplanting one model. Our loyalty surveys provide the insights making African customers feel we created this chicken just for them.”

Indeed, Ntuli highlights how respondents in more rural South African provinces request more poultry-centric offerings compared to urban cities demanding quicker fast food-style service. Such findings will influence location-specific menu development and store formats moving forward.

Cluck Away on Customer Satisfaction

So next time the craving for that 11-herb seasoned original recipe strikes, don’t just enjoy your meal then dash. Follow up by taking just a few pecks at that survey code. You’ll score free grub for participating, but more meaningfully, also directly stir improvements percolating up locations across South Africa and beyond ensuring KFC’s finger lickin’ dominance across the African continents for years to come.


KFC built global domination on finger lickin’ flavor profile consistency from Alabama to Auckland. Yet staying attuned to hyper-local customer nuances now steers regional growth strategies. That’s where the SAKFCSurvey offers a crispy competitive edge – by spotlighting distinct South African tastes and expectations. Score free wedges while helping this chicken giant continue thriving from Johannesburg townships to Cape Town waterfronts. Because keeping loyal customers satisfied starts with listening to exactly what leaves them hungry for more.


What is the SAKFC Survey?

An online customer satisfaction questionnaire asking South African KFC guests to review and rate food quality, service, cleanliness and other aspects that shape restaurant experience.

Who conducts the survey and analyzes results?

KFC South Africa through input provided to parent company Yum! Brands, which oversees all customer experience tracking for measurement consistency globally.

Why should customers participate?

To directly share what delights or needs improving at your local KFC, spotlight standout employees, and steer menu offerings catering to regional preferences.

What do customers get for participating?

SAKFC provides coupon codes for free potato wedges each time a guest completes the 10-15 minute survey.

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