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Rubio’s is a popular Mexican grill restaurant chain inviting customers to take its Rubioslistens survey available at By sharing your feedback on your recent experience at Rubio’s, you can receive a validation code redeemable for free drinks on your next visit. Read further to know all the details about this online customer satisfaction survey.

Rubioslistens Details

Survey Details Description
Survey Name Rubios Listens Survey
Purchase Required Yes, within last 7 days
Receipt Details Needed Date, time, transaction number, location
Survey Language English, Spanish
Age Limit 18 years and above
Survey Duration 10-15 minutes
Survey Questions
Food quality, service, cleanliness, staff, ambiance, value, pricing, recommendations
Survey Incentive Validation code for free drinks
Reward Free regular fountain drink or iced tea
Validity of Coupon Code 30 days
Redemption In-store only
Devices Allowed PC, laptop, smartphone

TellRubios Feedback Survey at

Rubio’s is a popular Mexican grill restaurant chain in the United States. They value customer feedback and have created the TellRubios survey at for customers to share their experiences. This survey helps Rubio’s identify areas of improvement to enhance customer satisfaction.

About Rubio’s career

Ralph Rubio founded Rubio’s in 1983 in San Diego, California. He got the inspiration to start a fish taco restaurant after traveling through Baja California. What began as a single taco stand has now grown to over 200 locations across the US. Rubio’s is known for its signature fish tacos made with fresh fish like tilapia, Atlantic cod, and shrimp.

What is Rubioslistens?

Rubioslistens is an online guest satisfaction survey created by Rubio’s for its customers. By taking part in this survey at, customers can share feedback on their recent experience at Rubio’s. The survey focuses on various aspects like food quality, staff courtesy, cleanliness, and speed of service.

Why they conduct the Rubioslistens Survey?

Rubio’s conducts this survey to get direct unbiased feedback from customers. The input helps them identify what they are doing well and areas needing improvement. It enables them to take actions that can enhance customer satisfaction. The survey results provide insights into customer preferences, allowing Rubio’s to tailor offerings accordingly.

Purpose of Rubios Guest Survey Free Drinks

The Rubios guest survey allows customers to review their experience honestly in exchange for a promo code. This code can be redeemed for free drinks on the next visit. The purpose is to collect customer feedback and provide them an incentive to share their true opinions. The input helps Rubio’s improve customer happiness.

Survey rewards of Rubios Listens Surveys

Customers get a validation code upon survey completion, which can be redeemed on the next visit for free drinks. For example, you may get a promo code for a free regular fountain drink or tea. Customers appreciate these survey rewards, which provide an incentive to participate and give honest feedback.

Quick steps to Win Rubios Coupon Code

Follow these simple steps to get the Rubios coupon code:

  1. Make a purchase at Rubio’s restaurant. Keep the receipt.
  2. Visit and enter the required details from the receipt.
  3. Take the satisfaction survey by rating your experience honestly.
  4. Upon survey completion, you will receive a coupon code.
  5. Redeem the coupon on your next visit to get free drinks.

How does Rubioslistens work?

The working is simple:

  • Customers need to have a receipt from a recent Rubio’s visit.
  • Visit and enter details like location, date & time, transaction number.
  • Take the survey by rating aspects like food, service, cleanliness, speed etc.
  • After submitting the survey, customers get a validation code.
  • This code can be used on the next visit to redeem the promo offer.

Rubioslistens Alternatives

Some alternatives for customers to share feedback with Rubio’s include:

  • Calling the customer care number and providing verbal feedback.
  • Providing in-store feedback at the time of visit.
  • Writing reviews on third-party sites like Yelp, Google Reviews etc.
  • Sending emails to customer support team about your views.
  • Giving feedback directly through Rubio’s website.

Tellrubios Survey Reward

On completing the TellRubios survey at, customers get a validation code. This code can be used to redeem free drinks like a regular fountain soda or iced tea on your next order at Rubio’s. Customers appreciate this reward as an incentive for giving valuable feedback.

How do I claim my reward?

It’s easy to claim your Rubios survey reward:

  1. Finish the survey and note down the coupon code received.
  2. Visit any Rubio’s restaurant.
  3. Make a purchase of your choice.
  4. Inform the cashier you wish to redeem the survey reward.
  5. Provide the coupon code to the cashier.
  6. The amount for the free drink will be deducted from your bill.

Rubio’s Contact Details

Here are some ways to reach the Rubio’s customer service team:

  • Phone: 1-800-783-7404
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Social media: @RubiosTweets on Twitter, @Rubios on Facebook
  • Mobile app: My Rubio’s app on iOS and Android

Details of Rubios Listens Survey Online

The Rubios Listens online survey has certain eligibility criteria and process:

  • Need receipt from a Rubio’s purchase in last 7 days
  • Visit and enter details from receipt
  • Rate and review your recent experience at Rubio’s
  • Provide feedback on food, service, ambiance etc.
  • Take the survey in English or Spanish
  • Receive validation code for free drinks
  • Redeem code within 30 days at a Rubio’s restaurant


Tell me the best way to participate in Rubioslistens survey?

Here is the best way to participate in the Rubioslistens survey:

  1. Make a purchase at Rubio’s and keep the receipt handy.
  2. Take the survey within 7 days while your experience is still fresh.
  3. Visit and enter your receipt details carefully.
  4. Rate your satisfaction with Rubio’s food, service, cleanliness etc. on a scale of 1 to 10. Be honest.
  5. Provide any additional feedback or suggestions in the comment box.
  6. Review your responses before submission to ensure you have given your candid views.
  7. Note down the coupon code received upon survey completion.
  8. Redeem the reward on your next visit within 30 days.

Who can join Rubioslistens Survey?

The Rubioslistens survey is open to all customers who have made a purchase at any Rubio’s restaurant in the last 7 days. Both new and existing customers who have a valid receipt can take the survey by visiting There is no minimum age requirement to participate. The only necessity is to provide honest feedback that can help the restaurant improve.


The Rubioslistens survey at offers you as a Rubio’s customer the opportunity to review your restaurant experience in exchange for free drinks. Your candid feedback helps the restaurant identify areas of improvement to enhance overall customer satisfaction. Follow the simple steps to participate in the survey and win the reward coupon. Your valuable inputs can contribute to improving your future experiences at Rubio’s.


What is the Rubioslistens survey?

Rubioslistens is an online customer satisfaction survey hosted at It allows Rubio’s customers to give feedback on their dining experience.

What do I get on completing the Rubioslistens survey?

You get a validation code that can be redeemed on your next order for free drinks at Rubio’s.

How long does the survey reward last?

The coupon code must be redeemed within 30 days of taking the survey.

Is there a minimum purchase required for survey participation?

No, you just need to have a recent valid Rubio’s receipt. There is no minimum order value.

What kind of questions are asked in the survey?

Questions cover food quality, service, cleanliness, staff behavior, speed, pricing, overall satisfaction, and likelihood to recommend.

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