Plurality Survey

Plurality Surveys – Take Part and Explore Perspectives and Ground

Plurality Survey is an online survey platform created as an “experiment to understand the diversity of opinions of random internet strangers.” The game-like surveys aimed to illustrate how much common ground there is across demographics, viewpoints, and life experiences.

Over the years since its launch, Plurality accumulated hundreds of unique surveys covering a wide variety of topics. Participants would respond to survey questions and then be shown how their responses compared to the aggregated results. The goal was highlighting our shared humanity more than our differences.

The Future of Plurality Survey

Recently, Plurality announced that no new surveys will be added in the foreseeable future as the original intent of the project has been fulfilled. While existing Plurality surveys will remain active, the platform’s creator expressed gratitude for the community that formed around engaging with diverse perspectives through Plurality.

For those interested in ongoing daily challenges focused on revealing common ground, recommendations were shared for other games from the same group behind Plurality called Trainwreck Labs.

While there are no current plans, Plurality may eventually return with new surveys if there is enough community interest in the future. Announcements would come via the official Trainwreck Labs Discord server.

How to Take a Plurality Survey?

  • Go to or access the Plurality app
  • Browse topics and select a survey that interests you
  • Answer survey questions by choosing the response that aligns closest to your viewpoint
  • Questions may cover topics ranging from politics to pop culture to morality
  • Submit your responses once you’ve answered all questions
  • See how your answers compare to the aggregated responses from all other participants
  • Reflect on similarities and differences between your opinions and those of other respondents
  • Note patterns revealing consensus or division among certain responses
  • Consider what the results indicate about diversity of perspectives
  • Repeat with another Plurality survey to further compare your views
  • Surveys are meant to highlight common ground more than differences


As an innovative concept, Plurality demonstrated how surveys can unite diverse groups through identifying shared traits and opinions between participants. The Plurality model has impacted the way we can approach differences and focus more on the universal human experiences that should bond us together. Their surveys may have stopped being updated, but the spirit of Plurality lives on.


What type of surveys were on Plurality?

Plurality contained surveys covering a wide range of topics. Questions highlighted diversity of opinion while revealing commonalities.

Will the existing Plurality surveys still be available?

Yes, although no new surveys will be added, the full database of existing Plurality surveys will remain active.

Where can I find new daily surveys similar to Plurality?

The announcement recommended checking out other games by Trainwreck Labs for new daily challenges allowing users to explore perspectives.

Could Plurality make a return in the future?

While there are no current plans, the announcement did state that Plurality may return one day if there is enough interest within the community.

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