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Pinecone Research – Get Paid for Product Feedback & Trials

In the era of the empowered consumer, product manufacturers constantly seek ways to gain early feedback during development cycles from target shoppers on innovations that match evolving usage needs and preferences. However, finding demographically and behaviorally representative samples efficiently poses immense challenges without leveraging specialist market research panel providers. Since 1999, Pinecone Research paved the way for connecting major global CPG brands with diverse American consumers registered to take surveys, test new products at home, and provide open evaluations shaping final production decisions in exchange for monetary incentives.

Comprehensive Overview of Pinecone Research Operations

Trusted by food, beverage, pet care, personal care, household goods brands, and other CPG categories seeking a pulse on market viability for everything from new flavor concepts to packaging designs years before hitting mainstream retail, Pinecone Research plays matchmaker between product innovators hungry for authenticated target market perspectives and a now 300,000+ member community encompassing all backgrounds.

Members take 10-15 minute surveys for cash rewards starting at $3 per, receive free at-home product trials to experience benefits first-hand, and influence final tweaks increasing market success.

For product developers, Pinecone Research delivers rapid turnaround from survey-build to completion by niche consumer segments typically hard to source.

Members answer key questions gauging appeal, address potential concerns, suggest pricing thresholds, provide labeling and messaging reactions, identify competitive differentiation opportunities, relay shopper decision influencers like promotional offers or referral buzz, and indicate just how likely they are to purchase the innovation once live.

These insights allow clients to validate launch initiatives earlier, saving tremendous R&D and launch resources otherwise risked on a larger scale.

Why Sign Up as a Pinecone Research Member?

For consumers, joining Pinecone Research grants paid opportunities like few others to make your voice heard routinely on new innovations weeks or months pre-launch that you’ll likely find on future shopping trips.

You get to directly inform better still products and earn cash rewards along the way through quick surveys and product trials matching your interests and demographics.

No wasted time either – you receive exclusive invites only for guaranteed deals. Membership perks also include:

  • Easy enrollment online with protected privacy
  • Survey cash rewards starting from $3
  • High member satisfaction rates
  • Direct communication with brands
  • Low minimum cash out threshold ($3)
  • Referral bonuses for sponsoring friends
  • Requalification quizzes to refresh profiles

If you enjoy evaluating new products and sharing opinions while also earning money, Pinecone Research delivers an engaging community you’re guaranteed to love engaging with routinely!


In an era of constant consumer product innovation, brands depend tremendously on early shopper feedback to finalize successful retail launches. For consumer panel members, Pinecone Research enables earning cash payouts and trying future products first simply by taking quick surveys or evaluating at-home trials aligned to your interests. It’s a win-win community you’re guaranteed to love engaging with!


Who is Pinecone Research?

Founded in 1999, Pinecone Research built a 300,000+ member community who take surveys & trial products during development phases to provide crucial consumer product goods companies go/no-go input on innovations pre-market launch.

How do you get paid by Pinecone?

Pinecone sends survey invitations or product trial offers by email to match your interests/traits which pay corresponding cash rewards upon completion ($3-$5 typically). These stack towards cash out minimums to either PayPal or check.

What information does Pinecone collect?

During enrollment, you provide basic profile information like gender identity, birth date, ethnicity, income bracket, parental status, shopping behaviors etc. to enable sender matching. All data is protected and anonymized before client sharing.

What brands has Pinecone worked with in the past?

While clients remain confidential, examples likely span leading manufacturers of household cleaners, makeup items, snacks and candy, baby care products, pet foods, OTC pharmaceuticals, and other CPG categories seeking customer product research.

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