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OpinionInn Surveys – Share Your Opinions to Earn Rewards

Opinioninn, In today’s highly consumer-driven world, brands rely heavily on public opinion and first-hand customer insights to guide important decisions around improving their products, services and overall value offerings.

As a result, there are countless consumer research panels and online survey communities providing people the chance to share their feedback, experiences and viewpoints in exchange for nice incentives like gift cards, sweepstakes giveaways and instant bonuses.

One particularly rewarding and prolific survey destination for making your voice heard routinely is OpinionInn.

Serving as an aggregator connecting their vast member network to all kinds of brand surveys across virtually every industry imaginable, Opinion Inn makes participating fun, worthwhile and optimized for earnings.

OpinionInn Overview

Opinion Inn functions as a survey platform partnered with the established market research leader Survey Sampling International (SSI).

Together they maintain a large community panel and robust catalog of surveys focused on gathering crucial consumer perspectives on brands, purchases, media, household questions, lifestyle topics and current issues most relevant to corporate interests.

As an Opinion Inn member, you get matched with and invited to a wide assortment of surveys for which you can earn monetary rewards, loyalty perks and instant gratification prizes.

With versatile point redemption options, sweepstakes entries, referral bonuses and member-exclusive activities as well, Opinion Inn offers abundant avenues to benefit from routinely lending your viewpoint!

Why Sign Up and Participate?

If the prospect of sharing your authentic input, experiences and opinions across any number of categories sounds enjoyable rather than dull, Opinion Inn presents the optimal way to make your voice heard while steadily accruing monetary incentives. A few primary perks of membership include:

  • Frequent new survey opportunities from leading brands and market researchers
  • Points earned for each survey successfully completed
  • Easy access to diverse sweepstakes for huge prizes
  • Exclusive member promotions and discounts
  • Chance to win instant survey rewards
  • Refer friends for bonus points

Optimizing Your Rewards

To amplify your earnings potential on Opinion Inn, keep some best practice tips in mind:

  • Check new survey invites routinely so none get missed
  • Provide thoughtful, honest input to all questions asked
  • Slow down rather than rushing when responding
  • Take surveys primarily matching your interests for better engagement
  • Leverage the mobile app to participate conveniently on-the-go
  • Refer friends and contacts to capitalize on referral earnings
  • Contact Member Services with any issues promptly

Cashing Out Your Earnings

A few exemplary reward options commonly found in Opinion Inn’s redemption center you can redeem points for once various thresholds are met include:

  • In-demand gift card choices – Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, fast food chains, and countless others
  • Charitable donations – Wildlife conservation, veterans affairs, St. Jude’s, American Cancer Society, etc.
  • Sweepstakes entries – Win hot electronic gadgets, kitchen gear, furniture packages and more!
  • PayPal deposits – Flexible online funds to save or spend anywhere
  • Magazine subscriptions – Both print and digital content across your favorite niches

Getting Started

Signing up as an Opinion Inn member takes just minutes.

You simply provide some basic demographic and preference details which allows their system to match you with surveys suitable to your profile.

Once registered, check your account dashboard routinely for fresh survey opportunities across practically any category imaginable – retail, dining, entertainment, consumer goods, automotive, healthcare, pets, technology, and so many others.

With plenty of redemption options, sweepstakes excitement, referral earnings, and consistent survey accessibility, Opinion Inn makes sharing your outlook uniquely fun and rewarding.

Gain some extra gift card cash, donate to charity, win awesome prizes, or save up for something special – get started at Opinion Inn today!


Signing up for Opinion Inn provides a simple, engaging way to make your voice heard while also reaping fun freebies! Just share your authentic opinions through their diverse survey options and watch both your earnings and sweepstakes potential grow. Opinion Inn’s loyalty bonuses and awesome redemption catalog add further appeal. If you like sharing your perspectives and enjoy a good survey, grab some gift cards, donate to charity, enter hot prize drawings, and more – join Opinion Inn today!


How do you get paid from Opinion Inn?

By taking a variety of surveys, you earn points that accumulate in your account. When you hit redemption thresholds (typically starting around 5,000 points), you can trade points for gift cards to popular retailers, restaurants, Amazon, charitable donations, and more.

What can you win on OpinionInn?

Completing surveys gains you entries into Opinion Inn’s frequent sweepstakes offerings where you can win big ticket electronic items, trip packages, gift baskets, and other hot prizes. Certain surveys also provide instant win opportunities where you immediately win bonus points or other benefits.

Is OpinionInn legitimate?

Yes, Opinion Inn is a legitimate survey community panel aggregated by Survey Sampling International, a highly reputable market research company in business for over 35 years. They send out surveys on behalf of corporate researchers and securely handle your details.

What information do you need to provide OpinionInn?

During registration and setting up your member profile, you’ll provide basic info like name, gender identity, birth date, zip code, education level, employment status, race/ethnicity, interests, shopping behaviors, etc. This allows them to match you with suitable surveys.

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