Nielsen Survey

Nielsen Survey – Elite Media & Consumer Panels for Rewards

Learn to earn gift cards and power consumer sentiment by joining Nielsen’s iconic ratings community and taking Nielsen Survey. For almost a century, Nielsen cultivated the most esteemed panels and analytics fueling media, CPG, and retail evolution through granular insights on dynamic consumer behavior and market shifts.

Their pioneering of in-home scanning technology in the 1990s followed by investments across big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning keep Nielsen at the frontier of how audiences engage content, shop evolving CPG categories, and inform purchase decisions today.

At the foundation, Nielsen nurtures the richest longitudinal view of global consumers through omnichannel data contributions from their expansive household panels.

If selected to join Nielsen’s highly coveted community, you gain exclusive opportunities guiding media, brands, and product innovations while also earning incentives.

Overview of Nielsen and the Nielsen Families Program

Trusted by leading entertainment entities, advertisers, publishers, agencies, manufacturers, and retailers in over 100 countries as the industry currency driving strategies through deep data-driven trends clarity, Nielsen shapes decisions in a dynamic global marketplace through technology, expertise, and representative insider intelligence.

For consumer panel participants providing the reliable demographic usage data and shifting sentiment Nielsen synthesizes into insights clients leverage, membership offers robust rewards programs providing gift cards, sweepstakes entries, early product access, and VIP brand partnerships otherwise inaccessible to everyday people.

Panel sizes vary by country, but US opportunities span 20,000-100,000 member households routinely contributing viewership habits, CPG/retail evaluations, and media preferences informing industry analytics.

Why Join Nielsen Survey Community?

Beyond pride in steering media, brands, products, and retail offerings billions engage with informed by your insider perspectives, Nielsen community membership lets you:

  • Receive in-demand electronics like tablets and streaming devices for enrolling
  • Get cash-equivalent gift cards ($5-$20 values) redeemable anywhere
  • Safely trial new CPG innovations months before mainstream launch
  • Access special sweepstakes like all-inclusive trip giveaways
  • Take fun surveys on entertainment or news consumption habits
  • Refer other qualifying households for earnings

If selected by Nielsen through demographic need and multi-stage vetting ensuring reliable participation meeting data thresholds long-term, your ongoing viewership logging, purchase patterns sharing across categories, product sampling, and routine user survey feedback proved highly influential on consumer targeting and decisions worldwide!

How Nielsen’s TV and Retail Measurement Works?

Core Nielsen engagement revolves around two routine tracking streams panelists manage in their own homes:

  1. TV/Media Measurement – Installed metering captures viewing behaviors across channels, programs, streaming and gaming sources, ads exposure, and more.
  2. Retail Measurement – Scanning grocery/retail purchases via in-home device allows tying viewing trends to actual CPG spend influences while also trialing new products.

Through these and additional survey touchpoints, Nielsen families power the media, CPG, and retail ecosystem evolutions matching consumer shifts. It’s an incredibly important panel privilege few enjoy but with lucrative incentives and member-only perks in return from this legacy firm.


For everyday consumers, opportunities to directly inform multibillion media programming decisions, brands product innovations, and retail analytics rarely occur beyond momentary lawsuits. But Nielsen’s coveted panel membership positions trusted participants as highly influential voices steering entertainment, news, CPG, and shopping evolutions matched to shifting public preferences through routine home engagement. Gain awesome incentives while shaping community-benefiting impact!


What does joining Nielsen’s research panels involve?

If selected, core participation revolves around home installation of secure TV/streaming viewership logging meters along with retail purchase scanning devices to tie insights. You would simply consume media normally while occasional surveys provide additional feedback.

Why are Nielsen family members so important?

While keeping identities fully confidential through anonymized data contributions, these everyday people behind the scenes provide the highly valuable raw viewership, shopping habits, and mainstream sentiment inputs Nielsen synthesizes into media, advertising, brands, product, and retail analytics these massive industries rely upon globally.

What benefits does Nielsen panel membership offer?

Nielsen provides panel member households lucrative ongoing perks like electronics gifts for enrollment, routine gift cards redeemable anywhere for participation meeting thresholds, member-exclusive sweepstakes entries for huge prize contests only they can win, first looks trying new CPG innovations pre-launch, referral bonuses, and VIP partner programs.

What data does Nielsen collect on members?

Core insights center around TV viewing behaviors across channels, streaming services and devices, exposures to video and display ads, shifting entertainment genre interests, retail purchase details within grocery/CPG/alcohol/GM categories, sampling innovative products, plus misc. survey feedback on experiences.

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