MySoapbox Digital Platforms Seek to Uplift Voices

Having a platform to express one’s perspectives and be heard is vital for empowerment. MySoapbox offers exactly that – an inclusive digital forum inviting marginalized groups to share stories related to their identities, raise awareness on community issues, and drive social change.

What is MySoapbox?

MySoapbox is an innovative research initiative providing surveys targeted specifically at minorities and vulnerable populations. The digital questionnaires pose reflective questions around participants’ lived experiences, struggles faced, dreams held and insights on improving their circumstances. Anyone from an underrepresented community can take part anonymously through secure access online.

Researchers then analyze collective survey data to reveal rarely spotlighted realities. Findings help inform reform around policies and practices negatively impacting these groups. MySoapbox’s ultimate mission? Amplify overlooked voices to build a more just world valuing all who call it home.

Why Does MySoapbox Matter?

Centering voices unheard yields myriad benefits:

  • Spotlights hidden truths: Dominant cultural narratives frequently misconstrue minority challenges. MySoapbox surfaces on-the-ground realities otherwise obscured from public discourse.
  • Drives action: Lived experience data directly from marginalized groups carries tremendous advocacy power. MySoapbox insights lend weight to social justice efforts demanding transformation around issues like healthcare access, homelessness, addiction support etc.
  • Affirms dignity: Participation counters feelings of unimportance prevalent when a person’s perspective goes continually dismissed. MySoapbox signals all voices deserve equal stage.
  • Builds solidarity: Story sharing forges human connection emphasized as indivisible across lines of difference. MySoapbox reminds: the fight for justice uplifts society entire.

Case Study: Black Breastfeeding Moms

Despite breastmilk’s established benefits, Black mothers nurse their infants at dramatically lower rates than other demographics. To unpack cultural dynamics behind this gap, MySoapbox welcomed personal perspectives from Black breastfeeding moms.

Many described unsupportive hospital experiences, with nurses quick to offer formula assuming low milk production – a harmful stereotype. Others felt probing questions about paternity signaled suspicion their pregnancies were “out of wedlock”. Such culturally insensitive treatment deters Black women from nursing. “It’s like providers don’t trust me to adequately feed my own baby,” one mother poignantly noted.

These revelations bolster advocacy underway demanding improved cultural competency training and hiring practices promoting diversity among lactation care staff. MySoapbox data assists campaigns to reform systemic bias around Black maternal health.

Case Study: Undocumented Students

Navigating education as an undocumented youth comes loaded with barriers – from ineligibility for financial aid to the ever-present threat of detention. A MySoapbox effort welcomed undocumented students to share their realities.
Stories exposed fraught struggles around affordable tuition, food insecurity, housing instability, mental health issues and more as young people fight to simply access degrees they’ve earned. Such burdens frequently force extremely bright, talented scholars to abandon academic dreams, a tremendous loss of potential. “I was top of my high school class with a full scholarship,” one respondent noted. “But without work authorization, I couldn’t cover expenses at university. I had to drop out.”

These revelations reinforce lobbying for policies like tuition equity, increased counselling and emergency aid that could prevent undocumented youths from slipping through cracks of a system unbuilt for them. MySoapbox insights make plain the moral mandate for reform.

Case Study: Healthcare Bias & Trans Folks

Avoidance of medical treatment remains dangerously high among transgender patients, often linked to past experiences of bias. A MySoapbox survey invited trans individuals to share specific encounters with providers.

Many conveyed harmfully narrow concepts of gender and sexuality, with some doctors refusing requested care. “When I asked to discuss fertility preservation before transitioning, my physician said ‘only women bear children’,” one trans man seeking to begin hormone treatment described. “It made me feel so small.”

Such data assists advocacy groups arguing for updated medical curriculums expanding beyond binary models of sex and gender. MySoapbox revelations also reinforce calls by the American Medical Association urging physicians to confront their own biases impeding patient care.

Make Your Voice Resonate

If you identify with a group frequently left out of key conversations, consider participating in a MySoapbox survey. Shine light where it must go. Your story and your life carry power to transform.
Lend your perspective and remind society no one is free until we all are free. What future do you envision for your community and how do we get there together? However you answer, through your voice rings hope.


Too many tuned out voices hold insights key to dismantling barriers unjustly blocking people’s access to dignity, safety, opportunity. MySoapbox stands as a bridge – welcoming stories often erased by structures of power and channeling truth into currents primed to nourish change. Its digital doors swing open for any carrying that locked away piece completing the puzzle toward collective liberation. Speak up and watch what grows from seeds of justice we plant together.


What is MySoapbox?

MySoapbox is a research initiative providing inclusive digital user survey for marginalized groups to share personal stories and perspectives related to their identities and circumstances.

What is the goal of MySoapbox?

To amplify unheard voices, drive reform, raise awareness on minority experiences, promote dignity/solidarity, and work toward a more just world.

What marginalized groups can participate?

MySoapbox welcomes participation from any underrepresented or disadvantaged populations with insights to share around improving equity.

How does MySoapbox create impact?

By surfacing rarely spotlighted realities that lend increased advocacy power to social justice causes like education access, healthcare reform, addiction support, etc.

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