MonkeySurvey – Advanced Online Survey Capabilities

Surveys have become an essential tool for businesses, researchers, and organizations of all kinds to gather critical insights. With the rise of the internet and digital connectivity, online surveys in particular have exploded in popularity thanks to their ease of distribution, automated analysis capabilities, and ability to reach a vast audience. And leading this online survey revolution is MonkeySurvey – widely considered the premier online survey platform available today.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore MonkeySurvey’s capabilities for creating and distributing surveys, collecting responses, analyzing results with automated and customizable analytics, displaying easy-to-understand reports, and effectively acting upon survey insights. You’ll see why MonkeySurvey is the choice of over 180,000 customers worldwide seeking an advanced yet intuitive way to get survey feedback for market research, customer satisfaction tracking, employee evaluations, event feedback, and more – no survey expertise required.

Key Advantages and Capabilities of MonkeySurvey

So what exactly makes MonkeySurvey stand out in the sea of online survey tools on the market? Here are some of the key advantages and top capabilities fueling this platform’s rise to prominence:

Easy Survey Design

MonkeySurvey enables anyone to design effective, professional surveys through an intuitive drag-and-drop builder complete with a library of expertly-crafted question types, customizable design themes, randomization and logic features, and multilingual support. No prior survey design experience needed!

Robust Distribution Methods

Surveys can easily be shared via email, social media, QR codes, or by embedding on websites with MonkeySurvey’s built-in tools. Reach narrow target groups or mass audiences with equal effectiveness.

Automated Analytic Insights

Make sense of survey responses with MonkeySurvey’s constantly-updating analysis features. Filter by question, respondent attributes, and more to automatically generate clear graphs and charts that spotlight key trends and findings.

Custom Analytics

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter reports. MonkeySurvey puts users firmly in the driver’s seat with customizable analysis filters, cross-tabulations, benchmarking against past surveys, data exports, scheduled reports, and more for understanding feedback on your terms.

User-Friendly Platform

The entirety of MonkeySurvey’s features are accessible through a modern, intuitive web interface. Design, manage, analyze, and share surveys completely on your own without relying on a survey expert.

We’ll now explore exactly how MonkeySurvey delivers on these advantages compared to alternatives – empowering anyone to tap into the insights surveys provide through an online platform built for today’s needs.

Crafting Effective Surveys Is Shockingly Simple

Creating a survey that captures useful, honest feedback seems almost like an art form. But with MonkeySurvey’s smart survey designer, anyone can build surveys aligned to industry best practices in minutes – no graphic design or survey methodology expertise required.

It all starts by accessing MonkeySurvey’s cloud-based platform from your web browser of choice – no download or installation needed. After signing up for an account you’re greeted with a modern dashboard summarizing recent survey performance. And designing a new survey is as easy as clicking the prominent “Create Survey” button.

Inside the intuitive drag-and-drop survey builder, users have total creative freedom over:

  • Survey Structure – Add, delete, duplicate, and rearrange a variety of engaging, response-optimized question types
  • Appearance – Tailor colors, fonts, logos and more with various themes and custom CSS styling options
  • Randomization & Logic – Increase survey completion rates by randomizing options and triggering questions based on previous responses
  • Multilingual Support – Design surveys in over 20 languages to eliminate communication barriers

And that barely scratches the surface of MonkeySurvey’s design functionality for newbies and experts alike. Preferred settings can be saved as templates for future surveys too, making your next questionnaire even simpler to create.

But the true test comes in putting your survey in front of its target audience. MonkeySurvey provides multiple built-in options for seamlessly distributing online surveys through:

  • Shareable Links – Perfect for email distribution, online posts, chat messages, and more
  • Social Media Integration – Post surveys directly to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to engage followers
  • QR Code Generator – Encourage responses by adding scannable QR code images to printouts and signage
  • Web Embed Code – Effortlessly integrate surveys onto blogs, websites, intranet sites, and beyond

Such flexible delivery methods let users connect their survey to the right audiences across digital channels and even offline mediums. You tailor how and where surveys are accessed – MonkeySurvey handles making response submission seamless through any portal.

And the distribution process is facilitated further through advanced user permission settings. Assign team members specific roles like Survey Viewer, Survey Editor, or Survey Administrator to collaborate while maintaining control over who can access and edit current surveys. Permissions can be managed on both broad account and individual survey levels.

Simply put, MonkeySurvey makes turning your research questions into a structured, professionally-designed survey an intuitive, streamlined process. No special software downloads or technical knowledge needed. The same goes for then getting those questionnaires out to your target groups at a global scale.

Real-Time Analytics Provide Actionable Insights

But a survey is only as valuable as the insights extracted from its results. Without proper analysis features, even the most well-crafted surveys fall short of their feedback potential.

MonkeySurvey again leads its competitors through analytics and reporting capabilities purpose-built for turning high survey response volumes into clear, data-backed guidance. Automated analysis transforms submission data into easy-to-digest charts and graphs in real-time. And customizable filtering options, scheduled reports, benchmarking tools, and more empower users to extract learnings tailored to their research needs.

As survey responses are submitted, MonkeySurvey immediately runs dataset calculations behind the scenes without any manual number-crunching required. Key findings are presented in continuously-updated visualizations on the Results page showing:

  • Summary statistics – Quickly gauge response rates, completion rates, and more
  • Charts – Compare answer distributions across questions as digestible graphs
  • Benchmarks – Show how current survey results compare to previous editions over time
  • Filtering – Isolate response data based on date range, question type, and custom criteria

The displayed analyses adapt on-the-fly as new responses alter overall submission trends. So you always have an up-to-date data snapshot to inform strategic decisions and next steps.

But for those desiring more in-depth investigations, MonkeySurvey delivers advanced analytics interfaces letting users ask deeper questions of survey feedback. The customizable options include:

  • Cross-Tabulations – See how responses to one question vary across answers to another question, revealing complex interplaying trends.
  • Data Exports – Download submission data to external programs like Excel for running complex calculations.
  • Custom Reports – Configure reports with specific visualization formats, page elements, and filtering criteria then receive them on demand or through scheduled delivery to your inbox.

Whether automatically generated or specially configured, MonkeySurvey reporting equips users with multiple views of submission data to draw connections and derive insights other survey tools might miss. Findings can be shared across teams and stakeholders in a matter of clicks too.

Ultimately MonkeySurvey makes evaluating survey feedback feel more intuitive yet more powerful than any alternative. Anyone can instantly derive key learnings then investigate patterns further through customizable analysis without outside consulting help. The platform handles the number-crunching and visualization crafting so you can focus solely on applying insights.

Survey Guidance No Other Provider Delivers

Between simplified design and real-time analytics, MonkeySurvey already delivers an impressive survey management experience fine-tuned for today’s needs. Yet the platform provides additional capabilities that further demonstrate MonkeySurvey’s commitment to survey excellence few other providers match.

For survey designers seeking inspiration, MonkeySurvey maintains an extensive, ever-growing Survey Library packed with expert survey templates covering common use cases. Browse examples tailored specifically for market research, employee evaluations, event feedback, NPS measures, political polling, and more. Import a pre-made template then customize it to fit your survey goals in a fraction of the usual design time.

Unsure if your questions or survey structure adhere to response-maximizing best practices? MonkeySurvey’s built-in Survey Checker reviews draft surveys to identify potential issues statistically shown to increase abandon rates like:

  • Overly long surveys
  • Poorly-worded questions
  • Inconsistent scale usage
  • Sub-optimal question order

The simple automated feedback helps create surveys optimized for keeping respondents engaged from start to finish.

For maintaining legally-compliant and ethical data practices, MonkeySurvey provides GDPR-ready survey templates and consent collection options to cover researcher responsibilities around transparency and data privacy. Surveys follow responsible design guidelines removing collection of personally identifiable information when unneeded.

And enabling enterprise-grade survey management, MonkeySurvey offers priority 24/7 customer support and premium security measures like automatic daily backups, SOC 2 compliance, ISO certifications and 256-bit SSL encryption ensuring survey data stays protected.

Such well-rounded features demonstrate MonkeySurvey’s unmatched capabilities supporting users’ entire survey journey – from creation to analysis and beyond. The platform evolves continually as well, as the MonkeySurvey roadmap has additional advanced features like data validation checks, enhanced skip logic, and multi-language result comparisons planned for future implementation.

The Premier Online Survey Solution For Today’s Needs

In summary, MonkeySurvey provides an online survey management experience unmatched for intuitiveness, sophistication, and guidance to empower practically any organization to tap into the customer and stakeholder insights surveys deliver.

The platform overmatches alternatives through:

  • Survey Design Simplicity – Quickly build optimized, professional surveys in a flexible drag-and-drop interface.
  • Robust Distribution Options – Get surveys out through emails, social posts, QR codes, web embeds, and more to reach wider audiences.
  • Automated Real-Time Analytics – Digest responses as they come in through dynamically-updated reports, charts and statistical overviews.
  • Customizable Insights – Go beyond out-of-the-box reports with cross-tabulations, scheduled documents, data exports, and more to answer unique research questions.
  • Ongoing Platform Evolution – Expect regular roadmap updates to keep unlocking greater capabilities over time.

Survey creators benefit from extensive guidance as well, including expert templates, built-in survey checkers, legally-compliant features, and top-notch customer support. Security and compliance measures further instill confidence in keeping sensitive data protected.

Why Choose MonkeySurvey?

For these reasons and more, over 180,000 global customers trust MonkeySurvey as the premier online survey solution tailored for today’s needs across usage scenarios like:

  • Marketing Research – Estimate brand awareness, evaluate ad effectiveness, quantify product demand, and more
  • Event Feedback – Assess attendee satisfaction levels, identify areas for logistical improvements, and build engaged communities
  • Customer Segmentation – Group customers by behaviors, demographics, purchase history and other attributes to guide sales, marketing, and product decisions
  • Product/Concept Validation – Determine if target users show interest in a potential new offering by capturing reaction feedback.
  • Employee Engagement Tracking – Keep a pulse on employee morale and satisfaction levels through simple pulse surveys
  • Stakeholder Reporting – Maintain responsibilities around transparency and progress communication through easily-created and distributed surveys

The applications are vast. And MonkeySurvey provides everything required to make your survey vision an intuitive, streamlined reality. Start creating winning questionnaires and uncovering game-changing insights with MonkeySurvey today!


With an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, flexible delivery methods, real-time auto-updating analytics, and fully customizable reporting, MonkeySurvey empowers any organization to create optimized surveys and uncover actionable insights faster than any alternative. Sign up and create your first survey today to see why over 180,000 customers globally rely on MonkeySurvey as the premier online survey management solution.


What capabilities make MonkeySurvey better than other survey tools?

MonkeySurvey stands out through its easy survey design requiring no technical skills, built-in expert guidance like templates and survey checkers, robust options for distributing surveys digitally and offline, automated real-time analytics of response data, and customizable insights through exports and scheduled reports.

What types of insights can I uncover with MonkeySurvey?

The platform excels at uncovering marketing research insights, event/program feedback, customer segmentation findings, product/concept testing reactions, employee satisfaction drivers, and more for well-informed business decisions and stakeholder reporting.

How secure and compliant is the MonkeySurvey platform?

MonkeySurvey support rigorous security standards like SOC 2 compliance, ISO certifications and 256-bit SSL encryption. GDPR-ready survey templates additionally enable proper data privacy protocols for ethical research.

What survey creation support does MonkeySurvey offer?

An intuitive drag-and-drop survey builder makes questionnaire design easy for beginners while still supporting advanced options like randomization and logic features. Pre-made expert survey templates and a built-in survey checker provide guidance for optimization best practices too.

How much does it cost to use MonkeySurvey?

Plans are available on an annual subscription basis starting from free tiers for individuals to advanced packages with priority support and enhanced features for larger enterprise teams. Exact pricing scales based on maximum survey respondents and added capabilities.

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