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Mobrog Survey – Earn Reward Points for Taking Surveys!

In the age of influencers and sponsored content, brands are always looking for authentic consumer perspectives to improve their products and better cater to customers. Mobrog provides a platform that connects brands with a community ready to provide valuable opinions through quick surveys. By becoming a Mobrog survey taker, you can make your voice heard to impact brands while earning exciting rewards.

What is Mobrog Survey?

Mobrog is a global consumer insights company that allows regular people to participate in branded surveys, discussions, feedback opportunities, and more. Top brands across all industries leverage Mobrog’s panel of over 10 million members spanning 170 countries to gain consumer perspectives.

As a Mobrog member, you become part of an influential community that provides brands with valuable input to enhance products, marketing, designs, ideas, and more based on real user experiences and tastes. Mobrog’s partners include big names like Adidas, Shiseido, Philips, Deliveroo, and more.

Why Take Surveys with Mobrog?

The main incentive for Mobrog members is getting paid for your opinions. By taking Mobrog surveys, you earn points that can be redeemed for various gift cards or cash prizes. Over $2 million in rewards are paid out to Mobrog contributors annually.

Beyond the points-based rewards program, Mobrog participants also get to:

  • Share perspectives that actually shape brands and products
  • Gain early access to try new products and experiences
  • Connect with brands around the world
  • Learn about the research side of business and marketing

Essentially you’re getting insider access to influence future products and campaigns by big brands while collecting rewards for your contribution.

How the Mobrog Survey Rewards Program Works?

As a Mobrog survey taker, here is how you collect points and redeem prizes:

  1. Take Surveys: For every survey successfully completed, you earn points that vary depending on survey length and specifics. Typical surveys range from 10 – 30+ questions.
  2. Provide Other Insights: Beyond surveys, you can also earn for other feedback activities like quick polls, product discussions, prototype tests, concept feedback sessions and more.
  3. Accumulate Points in your Account: The points earned from all your participation gets tracked under your user account in your own virtual wallet.
  4. Redeem for Gift Cards & Other Prizes: Once you hit the minimum point thresholds, you become eligible to redeem your points for hundreds of possible rewards.

Popular redemption choices include PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, Target e-gift cards, Starbucks, Uber Eats, PlayStation credits, and much more.

As you take more surveys, you’ll hit bigger point milestones to redeem higher value rewards. Mobrog offers plenty of prize choices on an easy to use online redemption center for instant fulfillment.

Is Mobrog Right for You?

Mobrog is a great way to leverage your consumer perspectives, earn some spare cash, and win cool rewards. If the following fits you, signing up at Mobrog makes perfect sense:

  • You regularly shop various brands and have opinions to share
  • You like to discover and try new products
  • You could use a source for some extra side income
  • You enjoy taking quick polls and surveys
  • You want early access to upcoming products and innovations

Essentially if you don’t mind providing candid feedback and want access to lots of survey opportunities with a chance to score free gift cards, Mobrog delivers on both fronts.

Joining the Mobrog Survey Community

Becoming part of the Mobrog community is simple – just visit and click “Become a Member” to begin the registration process. Provide some basic personal information during signup so they can send you surveys tailored to your demographics and interests. Make sure to fully complete your member profile as well to maximize your user survey invitations.

Once signed up, you can download the Mobrog app on iOS or Android to easily take surveys on the go from your mobile device. Within the Mobrog member dashboard, you’ll be able to browse available surveys, track reward points history, redeem prizes, and more.

Now is a great time to have your voice heard by major brands around the globe while earning points towards free rewards. As a Mobrog community member, you’ll gain access to an engaging platform where your opinion holds major influence in shaping future products and innovations.


Mobrog presents a unique opportunity to not only earn extra cash and prizes for sharing your voice, but also influence future products and innovations from major companies. By signing up for their consumer community and taking advantage of the available surveys, discussions and polls, you gain insider access while collecting valuable reward points along the way. As an official Mobrog survey taker, you hold the power to shape branding, marketing and product development through your perspectives while redeeming cool perks.


What types of surveys does Mobrog have?

Mobrog provides survey opportunities covering consumer products, retail, food and beverage, travel, technology, entertainment and more from brands across all industries globally.

How do you get paid from Mobrog?

Mobrog offers a points-based rewards system. You accumulate points from successfully completing surveys and activities, which are tracked in your account. Points can then be redeemed for hundreds of possible rewards like gift cards and cash prizes.

What can you redeem Mobrog points for?

Popular Mobrog rewards options include PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, Target e-gift cards, Uber Eats vouchers, PlayStation credits, Starbucks and many other gift cards. The options are extensive in their rewards center.

How long do Mobrog surveys take?

Mobrog surveys typically range from 10-30 questions and take just a few minutes to complete. Some can be longer for higher rewards. There are also quick poll-style surveys taking under a minute.

Is there a mobile app for Mobrog?

Yes, Mobrog offers iOS and Android apps so members can conveniently take surveys on smartphones or tablets while on-the-go and earn those points faster towards more rewards.

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