Mint Surveys

Mint Surveys – Surveys for Chances to Win Cash Rewards!

Mint is one of the web’s most popular free personal finance apps, used by millions to effortlessly manage budgets, track spending, improve credit health, find better financial products, and generally make smarter money-related life decisions through a comprehensive yet user-friendly dashboard. An exciting perk of using Mint Surveys is the opportunity to take surveys for additional cash rewards.

Which Mint Surveys Can I Take Online?

Mint features a range of quick surveys covering various consumer products, services, and lifestyle topics. Survey availability ranges from just once a week to multiple survey invites per day.

Mint provides these surveys for market research, which in turn funds the development of all the helpful money tools they offer for free. By sharing your perspectives when surveys pop up, you’re helping enhance Mint’s offerings.

As a little incentive for your time, they compensate you for completed surveys with cash prizes. You can win anywhere from $0.50 to $25+ per survey, typically averaging a few dollars each. These consistent little earnings add up over time, with savvy Mint users pocketing hundreds per year.

How Do Mint Survey Rewards Work?

Taking surveys with Mint for rewards couldn’t be easier. Here’s an overview of the process:

Receive Survey Invites

Log into your Mint account on desktop or mobile app and keep an eye out for survey notification banners when available. This is your cue to take that quick poll or questionnaire for cash prizes.

Complete the Survey

Select which survey invite you wish to participate in. Questions typically cover topics like shopping behaviors, brand awareness, product interest, advertising effectiveness and more. Questions take multiple choice, ranking scale, checkbox, open comment and other standard survey formats. Surveys run about 5-10 minutes on average.

Get Credited Your Reward

After finishing the survey, confirmation of your reward value will appear. This cash-paying prize gets credited to your account. Over time, earnings from multiple surveys completed will grow your available balance.

Transfer the Cash to PayPal

Once your total survey earnings hit the $5 threshold, you’re able to cashout your balance. Mint sends accrued rewards to the PayPal account linked to your Mint login. If needed, you can amend the connected PayPal account. Then just transfer from PayPal to your bank, spend online, or use however you wish!

Tips to Earn More Mint Surveys Rewards

Follow these tips to maximize survey rewards:

  • Check Mint often for survey invites
  • Install the Mint mobile app for easy access to surveys on-the-go
  • Provide thoughtful, honest answers to qualify for more surveys
  • Hit higher reward thresholds before cashing out your balance for better value

Between all the free budgeting tools and ability to earn side money taking the occasional survey, Mint provides some nice financial value worth leveraging.

Mint Surveys Are Rewarding

For those looking to earn a little extra cash online or create some positive money momentum, Mint surveys offer an easy way to pocket bonus rewards frequently just for quick opinion sharing.

Combine those survey earnings with all of Mint’s 100% free personal finance features helping you manage money smarter, and you’ve got a winning personal finance combo at your fingertips. Sign into your Mint account now to get the full benefits.

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With Mint already being a user-favorite for organizing finances, their addition of survey capabilities makes for an even more valuable personal finance platform. By occasionally providing your candid perspectives on spending habits, brands, banking and more through quick polls and questionnaires, you get compensated for your insights with cold hard cash. Sign into your Mint account frequently and keep an eye out for survey invites to start racking up those rewards today.


What kind of rewards can you earn with Mint?

Mint rewards those who complete available surveys with cash prizes typically ranging from $0.50 up to $25+ per survey completed. Over time, consistent survey participation earns users hundreds per year.

How do you get paid your rewards from Mint surveys?

Accrued cash rewards from all surveys successfully completed get tracked in your Mint account. Once your earnings balance passes the $5 minimum threshold, you can transfer via PayPal in just a few clicks.

How often does Mint have surveys?

The availability of Mint survey invites ranges from about once per week to multiple survey opportunities per day. The number fluctuates but they offer reliable options.

What topics do Mint’s surveys cover?

Mint surveys cover spending habits, personal finance management, banking preferences, brand awareness, advertising effectiveness, product interest, and general consumer experience questions.

Do I need a Mint account to do their surveys?

Yes, you need to join Mint and have an account login to access surveys when they become available. Surveys and earned rewards are only offered within actual Mint accounts.