Krogerfeedback Com Survey | Kroger Satisfaction Survey survey – Kroger values customer opinions and strives to improve the overall shopping experience. By participating in the Kroger customer satisfaction survey, customers can provide feedback that will directly impact store operations. The krogerfeedback can be accessed at using the purchase receipt. The receipt contains the survey entry ID, date, and time of purchase – required information for starting the survey.

KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Kroger survey allows customers to rate various aspects of their shopping trip including store cleanliness, product availability, customer service and more. Feedback is collected and analyzed to identify areas needing improvement.

Kroger has recently updated the survey URL to and launched additional survey opportunities. Frequent shoppers can provide even more input through and

Start the KrogerFeedback:

Customers have two options for entering the survey – using the entry ID printed on the receipt or the store phone number.

krogerfeedback Steps to Start Survey

To use the entry ID:

  • Go to
  • Enter the date, time, and 18-digit entry ID from the receipt
  • Click “Start” to begin the survey

To use the store phone number:

  • Go to
  • Click “I do not have a survey Entry ID on my receipt”
  • Enter the 10-digit store phone number, date, and time from the receipt
  • Click “Start” to begin the survey

We encourage all Kroger shoppers to take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your opinions help Kroger make positive changes and continue delivering excellent service.


The Kroger survey provides a simple way for customers to share their shopping experience. By listening to feedback, Kroger can identify strengths as well as areas needing improvement. We hope this article helps explain how to easily access and complete the Kroger customer satisfaction survey.


What new products can customers find at Kroger compared to other grocery stores?

Kroger aims to provide all the products and services customers need to have a satisfying shopping experience. They regularly add new items to keep their offerings fresh and competitive.

What are the main benefits of grocery shopping at Kroger stores?

Kroger’s low prices on quality products are a major draw for shoppers. Their fuel rewards program is another popular perk that keeps customers coming back.

Who can earn fuel points through the Kroger rewards program?

Only customers who have a Kroger Plus Card are eligible to accumulate fuel points that can be redeemed at Kroger fuel centers.

Aside from 50 fuel points, what other benefits can the Kroger survey provide?

Customers who complete the survey can enter to win $5,000 cash or $100 Kroger gift cards in monthly sweepstakes drawings.

What can Kroger gift cards be used for?

Kroger gift cards can be redeemed for any grocery items at Kroger supermarket locations.

What do you most enjoy purchasing at Kroger?

I personally love the broad selection of fresh produce and organic items Kroger offers. Their affordable prices on staple groceries are also a big plus.

Is Kroger the largest grocery retailer in the United States?

No, Walmart holds the #1 spot for largest retailer overall. However, Kroger is ranked as the largest grocery-only chain in the U.S. based on retail sales.

Does Kroger have their own private label brands?

Yes, Kroger operates and promotes many quality private label brands to offer customers low prices in store.

Is it helpful to make a shopping list before going to Kroger?

Making a list can certainly make in-store shopping more efficient and organized. But it’s also easy to browse and find what you need without one.

What kind of feedback is most helpful to provide in the survey?

Be honest about your satisfaction with product selection, prices, cleanliness, staff friendliness and anything else related to your overall experience. This helps Kroger identify areas working well and those needing improvement.

How can customer feedback help Kroger?

Feedback gives Kroger valuable insights into how to enhance offerings and better meet customer needs. This drives improvements that increase satisfaction.

How long does the survey with multiple choice questions take?

The Kroger survey only requires 5-10 minutes to respond to all the experience-related questions.

What are the sweepstakes entry and prize details?

Entering the monthly sweepstakes provides chances to win a $1,000 grand prize or one of hundreds of $100 gift cards. All entries roll over to increase odds.

What types of products does Kroger offer?

Kroger provides an extensive variety of grocery, household, personal care and other staple items. They balance national brands with affordable private label options.

How does the self-service model impact the Kroger shopping experience?

Self-service shopping empowers customers and enables a more flexible, enjoyable experience compared to full-service formats.

Why does Kroger collect customer feedback?

The feedback provides insights Kroger uses to gauge satisfaction and identify opportunities to improve products, services and operations.

Why is the Kroger survey valuable for stores?

The survey measures customer perceptions, so Kroger can understand weak points and strengthen efforts to boost satisfaction. This builds loyalty.

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