Krispy Kreme Feedback

Krispy Kreme Feedback for Stakes Entries & Improvements

Renowned for hot, fresh, melt-in-your-mouth donuts available in both classic and unique flavors, Krispy Kreme Feedback attracts devoted fans willing to make a special trip just for these sweet, glazed treats.

Beyond their flagship rounds, Krispy Kreme also offers doughnut holes, soft serve ice cream, crispy cookies, and customizable beverage pairings from coffee to chilled espresso drinks.

Thanks to newer offerings like heart-shaped donuts for Valentine’s Day and seasonal pumpkin spice varieties, customers always have reason to return for more flavorsome variety.

Still, what really fuels enduring success for this specialty seller amidst broad supermarket bakery competition are the small details around hospitality, store atmosphere, and creating a tailored but consistent experience aligned to consumer preferences.

Via their online customer satisfaction survey, Krispy Kreme actively solicits detailed first-hand feedback and ratings on multiple customer service touchpoints from visit frequency to product quality, store cleanliness, staff friendliness and helpfulness, speed of service, and more.

Benefits of Providing Feedback to Krispy Kreme Feedback Suvey

While of course patrons flock eagerly to their nearest location whenever a Hot Light signals piping fresh donuts emerging straight from the glazer, repeat business depends greatly on achieving consumer expectations around everything from warm, welcoming service and simple store navigation to reasonable prices and craveable flavors.

As a specialist brand versus one-stop grocery shops, monitoring satisfaction across key purchasing drivers allows Krispy Kreme to continually improve operational variables completely within their control.

From the survey interface, customers can easily indicate priorities around accurate orders, attentive and polite staff interactions, speedy checkout lines, facility cleanliness, rotating specialty flavors beyond Original Glazed rounds, and similar touchpoints integral to driving sales beyond temporary Hot Light rush moments.

Plus, by directly reaching out for detailed ratings, comments, and benchmarking against other beloved brands on meeting expectations, Krispy Kreme can better tailor everything to match customer desires, shore up shortfalls voiced by many, and reinforce strengths praise unanimously.

How to Take Krispy Kreme’s Customer Survey?

Providing your latest perceptions around everything influencing your donut run satisfaction takes just a few minutes at

You’ll need your store receipt to reference details like location, date and time of visit, and purchase totals. Questions range from visit frequency to product quality ratings, service friendliness scores, speed of service assessments, facility cleanliness commentary, and competitive comparisons on meeting overall expectations as a specialty purveyor.

The brief survey also allows typing additional context around scores given, providing the more qualitative “why” behind any particularly high or low marks.

This helps Krispy Kreme better understand both one-off incidents at a single shop and opportunities for chainwide improvements to onboarding, operational standards, and customer-centric values.

Upon completion, you can opt to enter their customer experience sweepstakes for a chance at free donut prizes.

Tips for Providing Valuable Krispy Kreme Feedback

To make sure your perspectives guide meaningful improvements aligned to patron priorities when visiting Krispy Kreme, keep these tips in mind:

  • Reference visit details on your receipt soon after purchasing rather than later
  • Comment constructively around opportunities or where expectations weren’t met
  • Avoid rating everything overly positively or negatively
  • Suggest specific changes that could improve typical shopping journeys
  • Highlight standout locations delivering consistent wins
  • Note employee names who made your experience memorable
  • Compare against competitors on key purchasing drivers

Krispy Kreme clearly values customer input, making consistent efforts to listen, take action on constructive criticism, and replicate reported wins systemwide. So next glazed donut stop, take just a few extra minutes to help them deliver even tastier experiences. The improvements will make your next dozen even sweeter!


Given such devoted brand fans willing to make special trips just for melt-in-mouth donuts hot off the line, Krispy Kreme depends on consistently delighting customers through quality products, warm service, speedy checkout, and solid operations.

By spending just a few minutes on their feedback survey detailing your latest shop impressions, you help reinforce what they do right while steering meaningful improvements to underperforming areas.

Enjoy knowing your scores and suggestions will directly shape an even better experience on your next doughy outing!


What kind of questions are in the Krispy Kreme survey?

The Krispy Kreme customer satisfaction survey asks you to rate and provide commentary on visit frequency, product quality/freshness, service friendliness/speed, facility cleanliness, accuracy of orders, pricing fairness, strengths vs competitors, areas for improvement, and overall satisfaction.

What do you get for completing the Krispy Kreme survey?

While there is no direct incentive like a coupon code or free food item, customers who complete the survey get automatic entry into their customer experience sweepstakes for chances to win free donut prizes. Plus you help guide better still service and quality.

How long does the Krispy Kreme survey take?

The Krispy Kreme listening survey contains about 10-12 multiple choice questions plus a few open comment boxes. Most customers complete the survey in under 5 minutes with receipt details handy.

Who can take the Krispy Kreme survey?

The survey is open to any Krispy Kreme customer in the U.S. who has made an in-store product purchase in recent weeks. Having your receipt to reference visit details helps inform your commentary. Both regular patrons and first timers are encouraged to provide feedback.

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