How to Share Qualtrics Survey?

How to Share Qualtrics Survey? –

How to Share Qualtrics Survey? Qualtrics makes it simple to collaborate with others on survey projects both within and outside your organization. By sharing your surveys via email invite, managing permissions, and troubleshooting any issues, you can work productively as a team on Qualtrics. Read on to learn how to share surveys, access shared projects, set permissions, resolve troubleshooting, and effectively collaborate.

How to Share Qualtrics Survey?

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey platform that enables easy collaboration. By sharing your Qualtrics surveys, you can work together with others both inside and outside your organization to create, distribute, and analyze feedback.

Collaborating on a Project

To collaborate on a Qualtrics survey, first create the project in your account. Then go to the “Collaboration” tab and select “Invite Collaborators”. Enter the email addresses of people you want to share access.

Collaboration Permissions

When inviting collaborators, you can control permissions like edit, view, or analyze. This allows managing access. You can collaborate internally with groups or externally with clients/partners.

Accessing Shared Surveys

When someone shares a survey with you, you’ll receive an email invitation to collaborate. Click the link, enter the one-time collaboration code, and the project will now be accessible in your Qualtrics account.

Collaborating within your organization

Sharing Qualtrics surveys inside your company enables effective team collaboration. Marketing, Insights, HR, and other groups can collaborate on projects.

How do we collaborate on projects?

Set permissions, share via email invite, have collaborators enter access code, communicate within Qualtrics or other channels, and manage surveys together!

What is Getting Started Mondays?

This is a Qualtrics program that matches knowledgeable users with those newer to Qualtrics to collaborate and provide guidance on surveys and projects.

Collaborating Outside Your Organization and with New Users

With Qualtrics, you can easily collaborate with external partners, clients, vendors, or new users by inviting them and managing permissions appropriately for external team members.

Collaborating with SSO Users

If collaborators use Single Sign-On (SSO), they access shared projects through their SSO provider, not directly through Qualtrics. Guide them accordingly.

Troubleshooting Collaboration

Issues like multiple accounts, permissions, entering codes, etc. may arise. Check help guides, communicate with collaborators, and contact Qualtrics Support if needed.

Considerations for Cross Brand Collaboration

When collaborating across brands, ensure alignment on goals, target audiences, messaging, legal/regulatory issues, data usage, and promotion of the research.

About Collaborating on Employee Experience Projects

HR can collaborate with other groups on Qualtrics surveys to capture employee feedback, track eNPS, identify needs, and improve EX.

Accessing Shared Projects

Use the email invite link, enter the collaboration code, and the shared project will copy into your Qualtrics account for easy access.

Collaborating with SSO Users

Users logged in via Single Sign-On access shared projects through their identity provider, not directly through Qualtrics.

Troubleshooting Collaboration

Check help guides, communicate with collaborators, ensure correct access permissions, and contact Qualtrics Support to troubleshoot issues.

Scanning file for viruses

Qualtrics scans all uploaded files for viruses to ensure security and safety of data. This protects all collaborators.

Sharing dashboards

In addition to surveys, collaborators can be given access to interactive dashboards for analyzing and visualizing results.

Do you want to try Qualtrics?

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Account setup issues / Multiple Qualtrics Accounts

Consolidate accounts so collaborators access the correct one. Delete unused accounts and update sharing settings. Check notification emails, collaboration codes, account access, and permissions to troubleshoot issues.

User and group permissions

Grant survey edit, view, export, or analytic permissions to control access. Adjust as needed.

New users

Provide tips to new users on accessing shared surveys and analyzing results to enable productive collaboration.

Collaborating with the correct person

Ensure you are sharing surveys with the right collaborators who need access for your project.

Ignoring links in the invitation

Remind collaborators to use the Qualtrics invite link to access shared surveys, not external links that may be incorrect.

Permissions to collaborate

The survey owner must enable permissions like Edit, View, Export, or Analyze when first inviting collaborators via email.

Alternatives to Collaboration

Options like exporting reports or embedding surveys provide limited collaboration. Sharing surveys directly is best for full teamwork.

Managing Surveys Shared with You

Review permissions, communicate with the survey owner, analyze results, provide feedback, and monitor the project dashboard.

Users with more than one account

Consolidate multiple accounts to one primary account for simpler collaboration. Delete old accounts if needed.

Enter collaboration code

Collaborators must enter the unique one-time code from the invitation email to access shared surveys and projects.

Users with SSO accounts

SSO users don’t enter a collaboration code. They access shared surveys through their identity provider like Google or Office 365.

Project won’t appear in Accounts

Contact the survey owner if a shared survey is not appearing correctly in your Qualtrics account after entering the code.


Collaborating on Qualtrics survey projects helps generate better insights by leveraging expertise across roles and organizations. Sharing surveys is quick and easy, but does require understanding permissions, access, troubleshooting techniques, and how to manage surveys that are shared with you. With the right collaboration approach, Qualtrics can empower teamwork and idea-sharing that takes your surveys and analysis to the next level.

FAQs on how to Share Qualtrics Survey?

How do you share a Qualtrics survey?

Use the Collaboration tab and “Invite Collaborators” feature to share via email.

What permissions can you set for collaborators?

Permissions like Edit, View, Export, Analyze, and more can be set.

How do collaborators access shared surveys?

They use the email invite link and enter the one-time collaboration code provided.

What are some troubleshooting tips for collaboration?

Check permissions, ensure using correct accounts, consolidate multiple accounts, follow access steps.

How should you manage surveys shared with you?

Review permissions, analyze results, give feedback, communicate needs, and monitor project progress.

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