DEOCS Survey – Share Your Dollar General Feedback

In the competitive bargain retail space, Dollar General appeals to shoppers focused on reliability for household essentials, discounted food items, everyday personal care staples, home goods, and more. Consumers with tighter budgets depend on Dollar General for affordability and convenience with 17,000+ locations across primarily the southern U.S. Hence, the discount retailer greatly benefits from regular customer feedback on individual store performance, shopping experience consistencies, pricing strategies, inventory levels and assortments, along with team engagement. Dollar General’s standardized “Dollar General Experience of Customer Service” survey (DEOCS) provides a direct pipeline for sharing first-hand perceptions from recent shopping trips.

Overview of DEOCS

DEOCS gives Dollar General an efficient mechanism for soliciting unfiltered, accurate customer inputs based on their most current localized interactions.

Available in either mail or online survey formats in English and Spanish, DEOCS asks a range of multiple choice and open comment questions gauging satisfaction with core retail service aspects like store cleanliness, staff attentiveness, pricing fairness, merchandising/layout, and inventory availability in given product categories.

Dollar General leverages DEOCS findings from visitors of all backgrounds on a store-level basis to track effectiveness, strengthen weaknesses, replicate wins company-wide, and personalize improvements specific to neighborhood community expectations.

Why Participate in DEOCS?

For shoppers who prioritize affordability for home and family needs, Dollar General’s success rides on optimizing every variable influencing customer spend and loyalty, from brightly lit stores and logical navigation flows to pleasant greetings from engaged staff and sufficient stock of go-to essentials.

As a frequent Dollar General patron with first-hand observational insights on multiple locations, participating in DEOCS presents a chance to transparently indicate where your preferred neighborhood stores excel and falter.

Your candid responses around cleanliness, organization, employee attentiveness, pricing fairness, and similar factors directly steer regional leaders’ action plans for shoring up shortfalls and replicating positives evident in top stores.

Plus, you can feel good helping Dollar General better serve communities just like yours!

How to Take the DEOCS Survey?

Sharing thoughtful commentary through DEOCS takes less than 10 minutes whether mailing back the printed survey available in all Dollar General stores or easily completing the online version from any device.

Questions range from ratings around broad categories like store appearance, staff availability, product offerings, and pricing opinions to open feedback on the specific location’s biggest assets and shortcomings. The basic steps include:

  1. Receipt of DEOCS survey invite via mail or referral from Dollar General employee
  2. Selection of mail-in or online survey format
  3. Ratings across five-point satisfaction scales on cleanliness, organization, team attentiveness, merchandising, pricing, etc.
  4. Open commentary on location’s strengths and weaknesses
  5. Basic contact information for follow-up (optional)
  6. Submission of completed survey evaluation

Tips for Providing Valuable DEOCS Feedback

To maximize the impact of your DEOCS customer survey evaluation on enhancing your local Dollar General shopping experiences, keep these tips in mind:

  • Reference multiple locations if applicable rather than just one
  • Be candid rather than overly positive/negative in ratings
  • Detail high and low points in open comments
  • Indicate actionable areas for location managers like improved store stocking systems
  • Highlight exceptional employees for recognition
  • Provide contact information for customer service follow-up if desired

By leveraging DEOCS as a conduit for praising neighborhood Dollar General standouts while constructively criticizing those needing targeted support, your opinions help ensure consistently excellent service, value and inventory availability across the chain. So next Dollar General run, speak up via DEOCS!


With affordability and convenience central to Dollar General’s brand promise, continuous shopper feedback fuels location and chain-wide improvements tailored to what customers value most. By spending just a few minutes detailing your recent experiences, priorities and ideas via their DEOCS survey, you become an integral voice guiding better still service and more reliable one-stop savings at your neighborhood Dollar General.


What kind of questions are in the DEOCS survey?

The DEOCS survey asks you to rate and provide open commentary regarding satisfaction levels across categories like store cleanliness and organization, staff attentiveness and availability, perceived pricing fairness, merchandise/inventory availability in key categories, and overall shopping experience.

What do you get for taking the DEOCS survey?

While there are no direct individual rewards or incentives for completing Dollar General’s DEOCS survey, customers can feel good knowing their candid feedback helps shape localized improvements and chain-wide consistency in service and value offerings. You’re guiding a better Dollar General!

Who can take the Dollar General DEOCS survey?

Any Dollar General shopper who has experienced the customer service, store conditions and overall shopping experience at one or more locations in recent weeks can provide very valuable ratings and commentary through the survey. Both online and printed mail-in surveys are available.

How long does the DEOCS survey take?

The DEOCS survey contains about a dozen multiple choice ratings questions plus space for open commentary on strengths/weaknesses. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes for most shoppers to complete.

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