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DecipherInc Survey – Conduct Effective Market Research Surveys

Are you looking for decipherinc survey? Founded in 1999, Decipher Inc has established itself as full-service marketing research agency that empowers businesses to unlock impactful consumer and market insights. Based in Petaluma, California, Decipher offers a wide breadth of research solutions that companies of any size and industry can leverage to make informed strategic decisions.

Specifically, Decipher specializes in survey-centered market research for their clients. Their proprietary SaaS platforms provide intuitive survey programming, robust data gathering via numerous collection methods, advanced analytics functionalities, and dynamic visualization dashboards. Decipher handles survey sampling, allowing clients to target demographics reflective of their target customers. Plus, real-time reporting enables analysis on-the-go.

With Decipher’s DIY or fully-managed options, any organization from enterprise corporations to niche startups can cost-effectively conduct surveys for consumer preference tests, concept viability, product feedback, customer satisfaction tracking, brand perception studies, advertising effectiveness, employee engagement, and countless other research objectives. The insightful consumer perspectives and trends revealed through Decipher’s specialized tools allow businesses to clearly understand market opinions, preferences, behaviors and more that impact decisions.

In summary, Decipher Inc enables organizations to easily develop and deploy well-designed surveys while also equipping them with state-of-the-art, convenient analytics capabilities to transform survey data into impactful business intelligence and marketing strategies.

Getting Started with Decipherinc Surveys

Decipher has an intuitive survey builder toolset allowing you to program surveys or utilize pre-built templates. You can create surveys for product/concept tests, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and more.

  • Access the Decipher survey programming suite
  • Select survey topic and question types
  • Customize branding, images, layout
  • Program skip logics or randomization
  • Test survey flow before launching

Once built, Decipher’s specialized platforms collect responses. Options exist for online, mobile, social media, and offline data gathering. Real-time reporting and interactive dashboards help you analyze results.

Benefits of Using Decipherinc Surveys

Decipher Inc. brings decades of market research expertise. Their enterprise solutions provide:

  • Advanced scripting capabilities
  • Customized research methods
  • Access to modify survey code
  • Create customized questions/elements
  • High-quality sampling


With over two decades as an established name in market research, DecipherInc Survey has continued to be an industry leader through its innovative suite of survey tools that evolve with the latest methodologies and technologies. As experts in quantitative and qualitative techniques alike, Decipher gives clients access to both robust DIY programming capabilities as well as fully-managed survey solutions.

Specifically, features like Decipher’s Survey Builder, LifeStream reporting, and Beacon analytics portal provide unmatched utility for users of any research background to design exactly what they need. Whether creating basic surveys or complex questionnaires, Decipher equips clients with control through their scripting functions, customizable elements, experimental research design configurations and more. Their systems seamlessly integrate advanced logic, randomization, survey flow, and other intricacies for reliable, high-quality data.

Decipher also impresses with flexible omnichannel distribution guided by proven sampling methodologies to target diverse, representative respondent groups. As surveys are fielded, Decipher’s proprietary dashboards offer real-time visualization of results, cross-tabulated banner reports, STAT testing functions and more to provide rapid consumer insights.

Ultimately, through continuously enhancing their research stack and services, Decipher delivers immense value to businesses seeking an all-in-one survey solution able to consolidate consumer perspectives into a dynamic single source of truth that fuels confident strategic direction.


What survey topics can I create with Decipher?

Decipher supports surveys covering consumer preferences, product/concept tests, user experiences, brand perception, customer/employee satisfaction, and more.

Does Decipher offer survey sampling?

Yes, their services include providing quality sample sources to target specific consumer demographics.

Can Decipher program surveys for offline data collection?

In addition to online surveys, Decipher allows businesses to conduct in-person, mail, telephone, and other offline surveys.

How do I analyze my Decipherinc survey results?

Decipher provides interactive, real-time reporting dashboards to filter, compare, chart, and export survey data for analysis.

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