Coca Cola customer satisfaction survey

Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey Scam Exposed

Fake pop-up ads and emails claiming you can get rewards for a Coca Cola customer satisfaction survey may appear legitimate, but they are actually a dangerous scam. This phishing scam aims to infect your device with malware and steal personal information. Learn how to identify and avoid this scam, reset your browser, run antivirus scans, and keep your data safe.

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Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey Scam – What to Know?

If you are seeing pop-ups claiming to be a Coca-Cola customer satisfaction survey, they are likely a scam. Do not click or provide any personal information. On your browser, look for any suspicious extensions and uninstall them. Run a scan with trusted antivirus software to remove any malware. Adjust your browser pop-up blocker settings to block unwanted pop-ups.

How to protect yourself from phishing, malicious and misleading websites?

Be wary of unsolicited pop-ups, emails, or texts asking you to take surveys. Verify the website is legitimate before providing info. Install a popup blocker extension. Use antivirus software and keep it updated. Don’t click suspicious links or download anything from unknown sources. Check URLs for misspellings or odd domains. Use common sense – if it seems fake, it likely is.

Tell me the Coca-Cola customer satisfaction survey scam?

The Coca-Cola survey scam shows a pop-up claiming you can get a free gift card for taking a customer satisfaction survey. It asks for personal and financial details to claim the “prize.” In reality, it is a phishing scam to steal your private information and money. Coca-Cola does not contact customers this way. Any pop-up, email or ad asking you to take a Coca-Cola survey in exchange for rewards is fraudulent.

What should I do if I have a virus like Coca Cola customer satisfaction survey virus?

Don’t panic. Run a scan with updated, trusted antivirus software to detect and remove any malware or viruses. If it finds anything suspicious related to the scam survey, delete it right away. Also change any account passwords that may have been compromised. Monitor your accounts closely for fraudulent activity. Going forward, avoid downloading anything from sketchy sites and don’t click pop-ups to protect your devices.

Where did Coca-Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey pop-ups come from?

These fraudulent pop-ups are created by scammers attempting to steal personal information or install malware. They are not affiliated with or endorsed by Coca-Cola in any way. The pop-ups are generated through shady websites, browser extensions or other software meant to trick users into giving up their data. Be vigilant and do not interact with anything claiming to offer rewards for sensitive information.

Remove Push Notifications from Your Browsers

To stop getting push notifications used by scams:

  • Chrome: Settings > Site Settings > Notifications > Click drop down and select “Do not allow”
  • Firefox: Hamburger Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Permissions > Notifications > Block new requests
  • Safari: Preferences > Websites > Notifications > Uncheck all websites

Remove Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey virus from Safari

In Safari go to Preferences > Extensions and find anything suspicious or unfamiliar and remove it. Also reset your homepage and default search engine if they were changed. Run antivirus software to detect and quarantine any other malware. Adjust Safari notification settings and popup blockers to maximum for added protection.

Tell me the symptoms of Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey virus?

Symptoms of infection include repeated pop-ups about taking surveys, unexpected browser extensions or toolbars, homepage and search engine changes, sluggish performance, unwanted notifications, and antivirus alerts. Your browser may freeze or crash frequently too. Scan your device immediately if you notice any of these issues arising.

Eliminate Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey virus from Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, go to Manage Add-ons > Toolbars and Extensions – Disable/remove anything suspicious. Reset IE settings on the Advanced tab and reset your homepage if needed. Run a virus scan to detect and quarantine all malware. Adjust IE popup blocker and notification settings. Update to latest browser version if possible for better security.

Examples of such scams

  • Pop-ups offering fake free gifts for taking surveys
  • Emails requesting you complete a customer satisfaction survey
  • Calls claiming you must take a survey before getting a prize
  • Links to phony questionnaires that steal data
  • Downloads containing malware disguised as surveys
  • Browser redirects to shady sites asking for personal info

Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey Scam?

Yes, pop-ups, emails, or ads claiming you can get free Coca-Cola rewards like gift cards or cash for taking a survey are a scam. Coca-Cola does not contact customers this way. These are phishing scams aimed at stealing your personal and financial information through fake surveys. Do not open any links, provide your info, or download anything related to these fraudulent offers.

How does Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey virus work?

This scam gets you to a malicious website via pop-up or email. If you try taking the fake survey, it asks for personal information to steal your identity. It may also prompt you to download malware disguised as survey software that infects your device and tracks your data. Some versions sign you up for unwanted services using your credit card info. Avoid interacting with anything related to this scam.

Check if your device is infected with malware

Run a scan with updated security software to detect viruses, spyware, adware, or other malware. Look for unexpected extensions, toolbars, apps. Monitor browser behavior for anything suspicious like redirects. Check task manager for shady processes. Scan again if issues persist. Factory reset device if malware cannot be removed.

Report a Scam

If you encounter a customer satisfaction survey scam:

  • Report phishing emails to your email provider.
  • Notify the FTC at
  • Report fraudulent websites through your antivirus software or browser.
  • Warn others privately about specific scam messages or posts to stop the spread.

Is my device infected by this scam?

Signs your device may be infected:

  • Repeated survey pop-ups
  • New suspicious browser extensions
  • Default search engine changed
  • Increased pop-up ads
  • Antivirus alerts
  • Slow computer performance
  • Unknown programs running

Run a scan to check for and remove malware if you notice these issues.

Is Coca Cola customer satisfaction Su rvey virus Malware?

Yes, the Coca-Cola survey scam links often contain malware or download malware to infect devices. The malware allows scammers to monitor activity, steal personal data, install more harmful software, deliver intrusive ads, and take over computer functions. Antivirus software should detect and remove this malware. Avoid this scam entirely by not clicking its deceptive pop-ups or links.

Tell me the Coca Cola survey scam?

The Coca-Cola survey scam displays pop-ups or links claiming you can get rewards like gift cards for taking a short customer satisfaction survey. The pop-ups look convincing but are totally fake. Any survey links go to phishing sites asking for personal details to steal your identity and money. Coca-Cola is not affiliated with these scams. Avoid entering any info and close out of these fraudulent pop-ups right away.

Uninstall Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey virus from Microsoft Edge

In Edge, go to Settings > Extensions and remove anything suspicious. Check Manage Add-ons too. Reset Edge to default settings if homepage or searches are changed. Run a trusted antivirus program to detect and quarantine all malware. Adjust Edge notification and pop-up blocker settings for extra protection from unwanted content.

Is this scam a virus?

The Coca-Cola survey scam pop-ups and links often contain viruses or download malware onto devices. The viruses allow scammers to steal personal data, spy on users, install more malicious software, hijack device functions, and deliver disruptive ads. Antivirus software should be able to detect and remove the associated viruses. Avoid interacting with anything related to this scam.

Erase Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey virus from Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox go to Add-ons and remove anything suspicious or unfamiliar that could be malware. Reset Firefox settings if homepage or search engine was changed. Run a full system scan with updated antivirus software to remove all traces of viruses. Adjust Firefox privacy and security settings to block pop-ups, malware, and notifications from this scam.

About Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey virus Research

Research shows the Coca-Cola survey scam aims to:

  • Trick users into downloading malware or viruses
  • Capture personal and financial information through phishing
  • Redirect to affiliate marketing sites
  • Sign up victims for unwanted services
  • Deliver intrusive advertisements

This scam exploits Coca-Cola’s brand recognition to deceive users. Always verify the source before providing info and avoid downloading anything questionable. Legitimate companies don’t operate this way.

Can Coca Cola Customer Satisfaction Survey be dangerous?

Yes, this scam can be very dangerous. The pop-ups and links may contain malware or viruses that infect your device. They also direct to phishing sites intending to steal sensitive information to commit fraud and identity theft. This scam can compromise your data privacy, money, and device security if you provide any requested information. Immediately close any pop-ups related to this scam.

Chromnius virus details

The Chromnius virus is sometimes associated with the Coca-Cola survey scam. It is stealthy malware that can monitor browsing activity, steal logins/passwords, and inject more harmful malware. It also hijacks search results for affiliate marketing clicks. Use updated antivirus software to detect and remove Chromnius. Avoid unsolicited pop-ups and emails to prevent infection in the first place.

Tell me the best way to stop Coca-Cola Cus Tomer Satisfaction Survey scam?

The best way to stop this scam is to not interact with it whatsoever. Never enter any personal details, click links, or download anything from unsolicited pop-ups or emails claiming to offer rewards for surveys. Close out these fake pop-ups immediately. Have strong antivirus protection. Use ad and pop-up blockers. Avoiding participation will prevent you from being targeted and infected.

How to identify Coca-Cola Survey Scams?

Here’s how to identify Coca-Cola survey scams:

  • Pop-up offering a free gift card or cash for taking a survey
  • Email claiming you must complete a Coca-Cola survey to redeem a prize
  • Misspellings like “Coca-Cola Customer Satisfaction Su rvey”
  • Requesting personal information like SSN, bank details
  • Link goes to an odd domain rather than
  • Pushy tone insisting you take action immediately

Tell me the type of unwanted program?

The Coca-Cola survey scam includes various types of unwanted programs like:

  • Adware: Bombards you with pop-up advertisements
  • Spyware: Tracks your browsing activity and personal information
  • Ransomware: Encrypts your files until you pay a ransom
  • Bots: Spreads malicious software automatically
  • Rootkits: Hides malware deep in the device’s systems
  • Keyloggers: Records your keystrokes to steal usernames, passwords, sensitive data
  • Trojans: Disguise malware as legitimate files or programs

These malicious programs can monitor you, damage your device, and compromise your personal data.

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With vigilance and proper security software, you can protect yourself from the fake Coca Cola customer satisfaction survey scam. Being able to identify and completely avoid this phishing technique is key to keeping your devices and identity secure. Don’t let scammers sabotage you with this insidious scam.


Is the Coca Cola survey a virus?

Yes, the Coca Cola survey scam pop-ups and links often contain viruses or malware that can infect your device if clicked or downloaded. These viruses allow scammers to steal personal data, install more harmful software, and take control of device functions.

How does the Coca Cola customer satisfaction survey scam work?

The scam sends a pop-up or email claiming you can earn rewards by taking a Coca Cola survey. If clicked, it takes you to a phishing site asking for personal info to steal your identity. It may also prompt you to download malware disguised as survey software to infect your device.

What happens if I take the Coca Cola survey?

If you start the fake Coca Cola survey, you risk providing scammers your personal information, financial details, and downloading malware onto your device. This gives scammers access to monitor activity, commit identity theft, and potentially lock down your computer for ransom.

How do I remove the Coca Cola survey pop up?

Don’t click the pop-up at all. Close it immediately. Run antivirus software to remove any associated malware or viruses downloaded already. Reset your browser settings and check for suspicious extensions that may be causing the pop-ups.

How do I know my computer is infected?

Signs include repeated pop-ups about surveys, new browser toolbars/extensions, default search engine changes, slow performance, antivirus alerts, and other unusual behavior. Run a scan to check for and remove any malware present.

How does Coca-Cola ensure customer satisfaction?

Coca-Cola ensures customer satisfaction through product quality, variety, competitive pricing, and customer service availability. They listen to consumer feedback and aim to address complaints quickly. They also engage customers through loyalty programs, social media, and promotions.

What is Decocash?

Decocash is an online payment option offered by Coca-Cola for their Freestyle machines. It allows customers to add value online to a RFID-enabled cup or wristband which can then be used to purchase drinks from a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine by simply tapping the cup or wristband on the payment area.

How can I contact Coca-Cola?

You can contact Coca-Cola customer service by phone at 1-800-GET-COKE (1-800-438-2653) or through their online contact form at For localized support, find your country on their website.

How do I get a Coca-Cola account?

You can sign up for an account on Coca-Cola’s website to access personalized promotions, enter sweepstakes, and manage your Decocash if you use Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. Provide your email and password on their registration page at to create your account.