Brueggerssurvey – Survey for a Free Bagel & Cream Cheese

Since 1983, Bruegger’s Bagels bakeries have been serving up authentic New York-style boiled and stone baked bagels across its 300+ cafes. But sustaining consistent quality and hospitality across ever-growing communities depends entirely on customer feedback. That’s why Bruegger’s offers its official brueggerssurvey – rewarding candid patron perspectives with a voucher for a free bagel and cream cheese cream on your next visit!

Below learn more on accessing the survey online after any cafe purchase, the types of satisfaction questions asked, how to redeem your reward, plus additional Bruegger’s savings opportunities. Read on to rate your recent bagel shop trip and score free food!

Accessing the Brueggerssurvey Portal

Starting the brief guest survey only takes a moment:

  1. Make Any Purchase – Order in-store, to-go or via app from your local Bruegger’s, saving your printed or emailed receipt.
  2. Take Short Survey – Within 5 days, visit to complete the questionnaire using receipt details.
  3. Claim Reward – Input the provided validation code from survey completion upon your next order to redeem your free bagel and cream cheese!

With this easy process, you can share ratings after any Bruegger’s transaction while instantly qualifying for a tasty reward.

Overview of Guest Survey Questions

Throughout the 5-minute Bruegger’s Guest Survey, you will see key questions gauging visits like:

  • Overall satisfaction rating
  • Accuracy and timeliness of order
  • Bakery item quality feedback
  • Cafe cleanliness assessment
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Likelihood to return and recommend

Bruegger’s appreciates complete honesty so they can continue perfecting menu items while addressing any broader service shortcomings area managers should know.

Redeeming Your Brueggerssurvey Reward

Upon finishing the questionnaire, you will be provided a validation code unique to your receipt and responses. Write this down then simply provide to your cafe cashier on your next order to instantly redeem for one free small bagel and cream cheese spread of choice!

Just make sure to use this code prior to its expiration listed so your complimentary breakfast baked good doesn’t go to waste.

Ways to Save Even More at Bruegger’s

On top of scoring free food through survey participation:

  • Join Bruegger’s Inner Circle Rewards for exclusive member discounts
  • Sign up for email subscriptions to get deals and coupon codes
  • Check app deals for online ordering promos and happy hour specials
  • Stop by on Bagel Day Wednesdays for special baked dozen offers
  • Ask about loyalty punch cards for free bagels after buying a certain amount

From survey reward bagels to member promos, make sure to maximize all the ways Bruegger’s gives back to its biggest fans!


With over 230 locations across 27 states serving New York-style boiled and stone baked bagels since 1983, Bruegger’s success stems from quality ingredients, consistent hospitality, and customer feedback. The Bruegger’s User Survey allows devoted patrons to directly enhance their neighborhood cafe with candid commentary on visits in exchange for voucher a for a tasty free bagel and schmear. For just a few minutes detailing suggestions after stopping in, you help Bruegger’s achieve bagel perfection trip after trip.


When do my Bruegger’s survey reward vouchers expire?

Make sure to check expiration printed on voucher codes earned through survey completion and redeem towards a free bagel and cream cheese prior to that date.

How long do I have to take the Bruegger’s Guest Survey?

You must complete your feedback at within 5 days of your recent receipt date to claim the complimentary food voucher.

Can I take the survey by mail instead?

No, the official Bruegger’s Guest Survey is only available online. You cannot mail-in responses to qualify for rewards.

What survey reward can I get from Bruegger’s?

Every completed questionnaire earns a voucher for one free small bagel and cream cheese redeemable on your next cafe purchase.

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